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Essay/Term paper: Wrestling; poetry in motion

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Wrestling; Poetry in Motion

My heart beats faster as I approach my opponent. My enemy stands as a
colossus although I know in my mind he is my only equal. The crowd grows
louder as we step on our lines, and the only thought echoing through my mind is
"shoot for the leg!". These are the happenings before every match, and yet I
still return. Wrestling, in my mind is one of the greatest sports. The idea of
a battle between two equal men, both striving for the same goal is something I
live for. Different people wrestle for different reasons, but what I wrestle
for is the exhilaration, and the principals behind the sport of which I take so
Wrestling, fortunately; is not just two sweaty men rolling on the mat.
It is rather, a fight. A fight in which each combatant must push their-self to
the final limits of total exertion. This great fight, although very tiring,
gives you the greatest feeling after you defeat your opponent. For this feeling,
and this feeling only is why I wrestle. This hard to explain feeling is like a
rush of adrenaline that makes you want to kick the crap out of Mike Tyson. It
is one of the greatest natural rushes one could possibly imagine, short of
sticking a needle in ones own arm.
The ideas behind wrestling are more then the thick headed thoughts of-
"Throw em to the ground and put all your weight on em!"- but rather, use each
move with precision, not force. When a move is executed, there are at least ten
counter moves for it. Therefore; one must wrestle with his mind - backing each
attack with the plan for another one. This form of two or even three-way
thinking, is crucial to the success of a struggling player.
To be a good wrestler, one must also be able to change from offense to
defense in a matter of milliseconds. Countless times before, I have seen
players who would stay offensive all the way until they were pinned. A simple
arm motion could change the fate of the match, and one must be prepared for that
moment at all times.
There are many reasons for a person to compete. Some come for the
personal satisfaction, and some come for the glory. Some have something to
prove to themselves, while others have something to prove to the world. A part
of all these reasons is why I wrestle. I love the principals behind it and I
live the rush. For the first time in my life - I believe I could actually say…
…"I love this game!".


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