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Essay/Term paper: American superiority

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In his series of essays and "letters" on American life,

Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur gives his readers

numerous examples of the superiority of America to all

other countries of that time. He believes that one reason for

superiority is that America is with out the aristocracy so

prevalent in Europe at the time, which led to a hard

working and socially equal society. Another reason

Crevecoeur sees America as a superior society is the

accepting, and assimilating into one new race, the poor

peoples from all European countries. This led to an

extraordinarily diverse population, much more diverse than

any one of the European countries eight-tenth century. It

was for these reasons, as well as many others that

Crevecoeur saw America as the greatest nation of the


Crevecoeur admires the equality and the freedom of the

American people. He sees life without the harsh rule of

kings and bishops as much more easy going and pleasing to

the general public. The lack of an established aristocracy

allows for the rich and the poor to intermingle and

exchange ideas in a way never thought before in Europe.

The classes were also brought to a single level by the fact

that all people in the colonies had to work to survive. The

rich and poor alike had to, at first, work their own land to

supply food and income to support themselves and their

families. This requirement for work led to the American

people being very industries and self sufficient, even under

adverse conditions. The leveling of the classes in America is

seen, by Crevecoeur, as an amazing accomplishment for

any nation of the time; and therefore, makes it the greatest

in the world.

Another point Crevecoeur makes is that all people, from all

countries, and of all status are welcome here. This

acceptance of many diverse people became a hallmark of

American society. That hallmark was unique to our new

country, as a certain majority group dominated most

others, while the minorities were harshly suppressed.

America accepts those who have no country to call their

home. Here these people are "adopted" by a new country

and are given both an identity and a future, with endless

possibilities. Here people are rewarded for their labor with

the chance to better their lives: much unlike the rigid class

system of Europe. And finally people of many races are

"melted" into a new race with the ability to "change the

world". Crevecoeur saw the assimilating of many various

cultures as a major sign of the superiority of the American


Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur conveys strong

feelings of American superiority in his various writings. He

believes that the loss of a classed society most definitely

raises the American people above people of other lands.

He also sees the assimilation of hundreds of cultures into

one as a huge step forward for the American people and

the world. Crevecoeur has many arguments for why

America is better than other countries; many of which may

still be valid to this day.


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