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Essay/Term paper: Robert frost poems

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Robert Frost

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Robert frost has many themes in his poetry. One of the main themes

that is always repeated, is nature. He always discusses how beautiful

nature is or how distructive it can be. Frost always discusses nature

in his poems.

First, in the poem Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening there is

a lot of nature expresses. Frosts very first sentence already talks

about the woods. whose woods these are I think I know (Ln 1, 1105).

Also, in the poem he states that the narrator likes to sit and watch the

snow. He is also a nature lover. In the second stanza Frost refers

back to the woods. He must also like ice, because he brings ice and

cold up a lot in his poems. Once again Frost brings ice up when he

mentions flake and cold wind. Then in the last stanza Frost mentions

woods again. Even though the narrator has a long way to go he always

has enough time to stop and watch the small thing in nature in detail.

Second, in the poem Once by the Pacific there is a lot of nature

expressed. Frost changes his natures view from woods to water. In this

poem he now talks about water. The reader can see how powerful the

water is when it eats away at the cliff. The shore was lucky by being

backed by the cliff(ln 8, 1107). Once again Frost is discussing water

which goes back to stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by stating

the water because there is water in this poem with snow Frost keeps

bringing up water and snow. Water is a sign of being powerful, Frost

must love having power by showing it with water. He also shows how

powerful water is by tearing away at the cliff.

Third, in the poem "The Most of it" there is also a lot of nature being

expressed. You can see in this poem Frost refers back to the cliff

which is in the fifth sentence of the poem, Some morning from the

boulder broken beach(ln 5, 1112). He also talks about the water again

and how powerful it is. Frost loves to write about water and how

powerful it is in this poem and in many others of his.

Frost always expresses nature in his poems. The reader can tell that

Frost does love water. He also likes the power of it and expressing ot

through nature. He also brings up other points of nature, but it

always has water. The water is always breaking down cliffs, beaches

and boulders. Frost's poems are similar but are also very different,

but they all have nature in them.


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