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Essay/Term paper: Analysis of two robert frost poems

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Robert Frost

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Robert Frost takes our imaginations to a journey through wintertime with his two
poems "Desert Places" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". Frost
comes from a New England background and these two poems reflect the beautiful
scenery that is present in that part of the country. Even though these poems both
have winter settings they contain very different tones. One has a feeling of
depressing loneliness and the other a feeling of welcome solitude. They show
how the same setting can have totally different impacts on a person depending on
their mindset at the time. These poems are both made up of simple stanzas and
diction but they are not simple poems.
In the poem "Desert Places" the speaker is a man who is traveling through
the countryside on a beautiful winter eventing. He is completely surrounded with
feelings of loneliness. The speaker views a snow covered field as a deserted
place. "A blanker whiteness of benighted snow/ With no expression, nothing to
express". Whiteness and blankness are two key ideas in this poem. The white
sybolizes open and empty spaces. The snow is a white blanket that covers up
everything living. The blankness sybolizes the emptyness that the speaker feels.
To him there is nothing else around except for the unfeeling snow and his lonely
The speaker in this poem is jealous of the woods. "The woods around it
have it - it is theirs." The woods symbolizes people and society. They have
something that belongs to them, something to feel a part of. The woods has its
place in nature and it is also a part of a bigger picture. The speaker is so alone
inside that he feels that he is not a part of anything. Nature has a way of bringing
all of her parts together to act as one. Even the animals are a part of this wintery
scene. "All animals are smothered in their lairs,/ I am too absent-spirited to
count". The snow throws its blanket of whiteness over everything and to him it is
a feeling of numbness.
"The loneliness includes me unawares". The speaker has lost his
enthusiasm for life. He can not express his feelings easily because of this feeling
of numbness. The speaker is also in denial about feeling alone. He is at a stage
where he just does not care about too much and he is feeling a bit paranoid.
"They cannot scare me with their empty space." He is saying who cares how I
feel, I do not need anyone else. "I have in me so much nearer home/ To scare
myself with my own desert places". The speaker was starting to realize that he
had shut himself off to the world. He recognized that this winter place was like his
life. He had let depression and loneliness creep into his life and totally take over
like the snow had crept up on the plain and silently covered it. If he continues to
let these feelings run his life, eventually everything would be snuffed out much like
the snow does to nature.
"Stopping by Woods on a Snowny Evening" is a much happier and more
upbeat poem than "Desert Places". This poem is about stopping to enjoy life or
as the cliche goes, stopping to smell the roses. "But I have promises to keep,/
and miles to go before I sleep". The speaker in this poem was a very busy man
who always had obligations to fufill and places to go. A feeling of regret is
present. The man would like to stay and enjoy this private nature scene longer
but he knows that he has other things to do. Again, Frost gives us a beautiful
nature scene but this time we enjoy welcome solitude. "The woods are lovely,
dark and deep". This poem expresses the joy of nature.
The speaker seems concerned about what the rest of society would think
about him just stopping in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. His
horse represents society. "My little horse must think it queer/ To stop without a
farmhouse near". He admits that just stopping does seem odd. He is also
somewhat concerned about the man who owns the woods. The man almost feels
guilty for looking so lovingly at this other man's woods. "He will not see me
stopping here/ To watch his woods fill up with snow". I think that the speakers life
may be a little better off since he stopped to take a deep breath and enjoy all that
really matters, the simple things.
"Stopping by Woods an a Snowy Evening" is the opposite of "Desert
Places". The settings were exactly the same; calm, dark wintery evenings, but
they express totally different feelings. "Desert Places" is a very depressing poem
with a dark tone. The other is very happy and it makes you wish that winter was
already here.
These two poems are very different but they are also the same in some
ways. They show two extremes of the same emotion. Being alone can be
positive or negative it just depends on the state of the mind. Loneliness can be
very depressing or it can be a time to collect your thoughts without the pressures
of the outside world crashing down. Winter is the perfect season to reflect upon
when expressing solitude. Winter can make everything seem dead. It can be a
very depressing time of year. Snow covers everything living and the cold seems
to chill to the very soul at times. Winter can also be very uplifting. It can wipe the
slate clean with its pureness and it can be a time of starting over. Snow's
whiteness can, in a way, blind you with its beauty and make you forget about your
troubles. Winter for me is a time of silent reflection. I could sit for hours and gaze
at the blowing snow.
Robert Frost creates two winter scenes with different outcomes. The first,
"Desert Places" is a sad poem about loneliness and lost enthusiasm. "Stopping
by Woods on a Snowy Evening" is a rather uplifting poem about enjoying simple
things in life. Frost seems to draw upon his experiences from living in rural New
England and converts those experiences into beautiful poetry.


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