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Essay/Term paper: Focus statement essay: romeo & juliet

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Romeo and Juliet

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Focus Statement Essay: Romeo & Juliet

In the Shakespearean play, Romeo & Juliet, aggression is represented in different ways by the different characters in the play. Tybalt, Romeo, Benvolio, and the others all have their own way of dealing with hate and anger. Some do nothing but hate while others can"t stand to see even the smallest of quarrels take place.

Tybalt is one the few characters, if not the only, that hates through the whole play.

The line "What, drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Have at thee, coward!" (Shakespeare, page 12) creates a mental picture of Tybalt as a very hateful person. He lets his hate and aggression overpower his common sense, as shown in this line from the Capulet"s Party scene:

"This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy. What dares the slave come hither, cover"d with an antic face, To fleer and scorn at our solemnity? Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead I hold it not a sin." (Shakespeare, page 54).

Benvolio, in contrast to Tybalt, is a more peaceful person who can manage his angers and hate. He, I believe, is meant to be seen as some sort of mediator: "I pray the, good Mercutio, let"s retire. The day is hot, the Capulets abroad, And, if we meet, we shall not scape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring." (Shakespeare, page 116).

Mercutio is a confusing character. He rarely seems to hate anybody yet he is almost always "Hot-headed;" getting into fights and losing his patience towards others.

"Consort! What, dost thou make us minstrels? An thou make minstrels of us, look to hear nothing but discords. Here"s my fiddlestick; here"s that shall make you dance. "Zounds, consort!" (Shakespeare, page 120).

One other confusing character, in my opinion, is Friar Laurence. At the point when he first appears he appears to be one very peaceful man:

"The grey-ey"d morn smiles o the frowning night, Chequ"ring the eastern clouds with streaks of light … Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied; And vice sometime"s by action dignified." (Shakespeare, page 84).

While at the point of the play when Romeo is exiled the Friar seems to be quite aggravated and harsh: "Hold thy desperate hand! Art thou a man? Thy form cries out thou art… Which heavy sorrow makes them apt unto. Romeo is coming."

(Shakespeare, pages 150-154).

Lastly, I would like to speak of the main characters, Romeo and Juliet. These characters appear to be viewed as similar people. They basically both know how to control their anger and aggressive emotions. This is shown in the ways that they respect others. For instance Romeo tries not to fight his new relative, Tybalt, when he is pressured, and Juliet tries to respect her father and his wishes after he gives Paris her hand in marriage. However they are also both similar in how they try to release their aggressive tensions; they both attempt to commit suicide in Friar Laurence"s cell at times of hardship, and they ultimately do commit suicide, in a very ironic way, I might add.

As you can see the characters of Romeo and Juliet deal with their hate, anger, and aggression in numerous unlike ways. This proves my focus statement and concludes my essay.


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