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Essay/Term paper: Romeo + juliet- comparison between the screenplay and the 199

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Romeo and Juliet

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Films are made with the directors different personal opinions based on the original screenplay. For the movie version of Romeo + Juliet (1996), the quote above illustrates this perfectly. For this essay, I will discuss contrasts between the original screenplay, and the film. I will be discussing plot changes to adapt to the movie's visual capabilities, changes to the time-frame of the script, and plot changes to different relationships between characters. I hope you will find this essay informative.

First, I will discuss with you the plot changes to adapt to the movie's visual capabilities. If we were just to read this book, the only visual pictures we would see would be in our minds; but since we went to see the movie, the director had to adapt some of the plot to have viewers experience the screenplay visually. One such example of plot adaptations is when, in the screenplay, Tybalt recognizes Romeo's voice at the Capulet masque. When Tybalt hears him, he becomes enraged. This is not so for the film. Romeo takes off his masque at the fountain and forgets it there. He returns to the masque and that is when Tybalt recognizes his face. However, the result is the same, Tybalt becomes enraged and vows to extract his revenge on Romeo since Old Capulet said for him to leave Romeo alone.

Secondly, I will illustrate you some changed to the time-frame of the plot. This is one of the easier comparisons since you can tell if parts of the plot have been rearranged. An example of a change to the plot is when (in the book) Romeo first meets Juliet. Romeo says about fifty words to Juliet and kisses her. While she is being kissed, the Nurse calls her away because her mother wishes to see her. In the movie, Juliet is called away even before Romeo talks to her. Juliet is called away to dance with Paris, but when the dance ends and Paris is watching the fireworks, Juliet and Romeo talk and kiss.

Lastly, I will explain to you some of the plot changes to different relationships between characters. This has to do partly with the visual aspects of the film, but there has been a script modification. An example is the apparent attraction between Lady Capulet and Tybalt. In the screenplay, there is not even a mention of a relationship between Lady Capulet and Tybalt other then nephew and aunt; but in the movie, during the masque, Lady Capulet and Tybalt passionately kiss. Also whenever Tybalt is slain by Romeo, Lady Capulet declares that she loves Tybalt. This is yet another variance from the book to the movie.

In conclusion, one can see all the personal opinions that went into Shakespeare's work and if one were to direct a movie, any modifications to the plot would show up in comparison to the screenplay easily. No one knows what the original version of Romeo + Juliet was like and no one ever will. All that is for certain, is that no one can ever recreate what Shakespeare has done in this extraordinary screenplay.


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