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Essay/Term paper: The 3 pigz life story

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Once upon a time there lived a wild mad pig who once fell in love with the most intelligent hogs on this side of the stars. These two bores were the hottest couple in the village of Pigsburg far, far, away. They were soon to be married and had TRIPLETS. The mother pig named them Piglet, Porky, and Wilbur. All three of them were quickly up and walking. Soon after while Piglet and Porky were taking up the flute and harmonica Wilbur was doing ALGEBRA.

Soon the years went by and all the pigs graduated for school and were forced to move out on there own. Their father gave them each one-hundred dollars and a blue blanket for the road. Minutes later they were on there way to live a live of farming in the fields outside on town. On the way there dumb and dumber played their instruments while Wilbur followed the map.

Farther down the road a ways Piglet saw a music store and he just had to have a new flute so he went ahead and took the money he had received and bought one and when waiting for Piglet, Porky went across the street to a McDonalds and Bought himself 200 hamburgers. Then Porky devoured them one by one. So after that quick pit stop two of the pigs were broke.

Hours later upon arrival the pigs camped out for the night. That night the pigs heard a sort of noises. little did they know on of the noises was a wolf. Not just any wolf but the big bad wolf from the south end of town. Time past and the pigs finally fell into a deep sleep. The first pig dreamed about playing his flute in the corn fields. The second pig dreamed of Ronald McDonald and lots of fries. The third pig AKA "The Smart One" dreamed about his three favorite people Franklin, Grant, and Jackson AKA the 100 dollar bill, the 50 dollar bill, and the 20 dollar bill.

In the morning all three of the pigs started to build their new homes. Piglet was broke so he thought that he would do something good for the environment. So he crept into the fields and took five large hay bales to build his house. Porky was also all out of cash and seeing how he could care less about nature he busted out the chain saw and started hacking in woods in back of the fields. Mean while Wilbur went back into town with his money and bought some brick, concrete, and a lollipop. With that would build his dream house. Several hours later all three houses were done. Piglet had his igloo of hay, Porky had a log cabin, and Wilbur had a beautiful brick home.

Late that night the wolf came out for diner. He first went to Piglets house and bellowed, " Piglet, Piglet let me in." Piglet replied, "No, I'm trying to shave off the hairs on my chinning, chin, chin. That was not a good answer because the wolf did not take no for an answer. The wolf struck a match on his zipper and burn down Piglets house. The wolf also had Pig's feet for an appetizer.

Next the wolf went to the house to the right which belonged to Porky. The wolf was ready for the main course so he bellowed once again, " Porky the Pig you'd better let me in." Porky yelled right back, " You won't be getting in so long as I have this big grinning, grin, grin." So the wolf busted out the pig's chain saw and took out Porky's house. After getting the pig trapped like a rat the wolf decided to have pig under glass.

Minute later the wolf was at the door step of the last of the brothers, Wilbur. The wolf banged on the door and let out a yell, "Wilbur, Wilbur please let me in." Wilbur picked up a brick and said, "Sure, way not, come in,come in, come in." The wolf open door took a step in and next thing you know Wilbur was having wolf stew.

The End

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