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Essay/Term paper: The beauty of rainbows

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The Beauty of

Have you ever
wondered if there is a
pot of gold at the end
of a rainbow? Maybe
you have or maybe
you've even tried to
find it. In this article
you will find out how
rainbows are formed,
the colors in a rainbow,
and other interesting
facts about rainbows.
First of all a
rainbow is a curve of
colored light which is
seen in the sky.
Rainbows can be seen
in moonlight or in
artificial light. They
are caused by the sun
shining through tiny
drops of water in the
air. A rainbow's
brightness depends on
how large the drops
are. The larger the
drops are the brighter
the rainbow will be.

Many people
think that a rainbow is
only made of six
colors, but it is really
make of seven. The
colors in order are red,
orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet.
A primary rainbow is a
rainbow with red on the
outside and violet on
the inside. The largest
rainbow visible to
observers on land is a
semicircle, but many
times you can only see
half of a semicircle. If
you were in a plane or
helicopter you might be
able to see a full circle
You may or
may not believe there is
gold at the end of a
rainbow, but the beauty
itself is worth alot.
Hopefully this article
has answered some of
your questions and got
you interested in
rainbows. For more
information you may
check out books at you
local library.


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