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Essay/Term paper: The cliffs

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Sorry I just gave away the last camps five minutes ago the Ranger said Mark and I looked at each other in despair, I just knew something like this would happen; we couldn't leave town until late Friday afternoon because Mark had to work. As we drove back down the winding gravel road I explained to mark that was the last campsite around for quite a way and that maybe we should just try to pull over and find some place off the road to throw our sleeping banks. After about 15 minutes, we came across a lookout along a river with a place to park the car. We've decided that this was as good as any parked.

It was quite comfortable outside around 70 degrees. The full moon and stars brightened the skies and wilderness with a certain glow that the bright lights of the city somehow always devour. There was no path beyond the lookout. As we stumbled through the trees, we held our backpacks in the front of us so the needle written branches of the pine trees didn't smack us in the face. After a few grueling minutes the trees thinned out to expose the edge of a 100-foot drop off. I could see to the other side of the river.

We've decided to lay our sleeping bags down on the edge of the cliff, it seemed to be the most level surface and the best view. As we looked up we could see the stars, thousands and thousands of them. The distinctive Milky Way right over had looked like a highway of stars stuck in rush-hour I shined my flashing over the edge down toward the river bed but my light never made it that far.I Could see the stars jumping up and down in the reflection of the running water and hear the tackling sound echo up the cliff walls.

I laid back with my head resting on my backpack staring up searching for familiar constellations. As Mark passed a metal flask to me I uncapped it and with one whiff knew the unmistakable odor of tequila. I hesitated, braced myself and took a large swig. The burning sensation started in my throat and quickly made its way to my nose and stomach. I passed it back and asked for one of his marlboros as I took one out of his pack an lit it. We passed the flask back and forth in a silence that was broken only by an occasional cricket chirping. I'm took one last drag and with a flick of my finger watched the cherry red amber of my marlboro tumble endlessly into the void. then My vision started to blurr as I laid back in a drunken dizziness I watched the stars dancing, jumping up and down just like on one's in the river, even when only closed my eyes.

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