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Essay/Term paper: The day of doom

Essay, term paper, research paper:  School Essays

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Everybody has one of those days where they feel that they are invulnerable. Those
are the days were you need excitement and you donÆt care where you get it. The thought
of dying or getting seriously hurt never crosses your mind. I am going to describe to you
one of those days I had. It all started with a headache and extreme boredom.
I woke up on that sunny july morning with a painful headache. When you wake up
with a headach you know your going to have a bad day so I popped some aspirin and went
back to sleep. The annoying ring of the telephone woke me up about ten oÆclock. It was
one of my friends asking if I wanted to spend the day with them. I said sure and got
dressed. He arrived shortly and we took off for abbot. Come to find out he was having a
impending sense of boredom just like I was. Both of us being down in the dumps we
looked for something exiting and diferent to do. We took a detour down into a sand pit on
the way to my friends girlfriends house. Taking turns doing donuts with his car in the
sand we passed away about an hour. I needed even more of a rush so I hoped on top of the
car, held onto the roof, and told my friend to take off. After exiting the sand pit we flew off
down the piper pond road going about 70. My eyes and face were getting wind burnt so I
tapped on the wind sheild for him to slow down. After coming to a stop I told him he had
to try it so again we sped off but this time he was the one flapping in the wind. When we
pulled into his girlfriends house he jumped off the car laughing and rubbing his windburnt
face. Still we hadnÆt enough excitement so we grabbed his girlfriend and headed off
towards barrowÆs falls. BarrowÆs falls is small river in back abbot full of little falls and
towering cliff faces. We parked the car at the begining of a trail and treaded off down it,
towels in hand. After walking a little ways we came to the spot we were looking for. It
was a huge, deep, threatening pool at the base of a small waterfall. There was various
small rocks to jump into the water from but the real behemot was a eighty foot cliff
dominating the north side of the falls. Aching for more excitment I climbed to the top.
Looking down from the top I didnÆt once realize or even think about what could happen if
I landed just wrong. I knew I had to act before my courage left me so I steped back, ran,
and leaped from the top of the cliff. It seemed like an eternity before I hit the water with
crushing force. When I barely grazed bottom I realized how much of a risk I took in
jumping. After a hour or so of swiming around we headed home and crashed on his living
room floor, exausted. Not once on this day did I even think about my personal safety. I
had an overwelming sense of invulnerability and I used it to turn a normally uneventful
day into an exciting adventure. Every now and again I get that feeling again and I hook a
sled onto the back of a car and speed off down a icy road or something as exciting.
Everybody, exspecialy those that live in Maine, need some times when everything is put
aside and all that matters is getting that next rush of adrenalin.


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