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Essay/Term paper: Wavelength of 10 or higher and 11 down. gamma rays are produced in labs

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Reports

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Wavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labs

Gamma Rays are Waves on the electromagnetic Spectrum that have a
Wavelength of 10 or Higher and 11 down. Gamma Rays are produced in labs through
the process of nuclear collision and also through the artificial Radioactivity
that accompanies these interactions. The high energy nuclei needed for the
collisions are accelerated by such devices such as the Cyclotron and synchrotron.

There are also many uses for Gamma rays in Medicine. Gamma Rays are used
in medicine to kill and treat certain types of cancers and tumors. Gamma rays
passing through the tissue of the body produce ionization in the tissue. Gamma
rays can harm the cells in our body. The rays can also detect brain and
Cardiovascular Abnormalities. These are some of the many uses of Gamma Rays in
Gamma Rays are also Used a great deal in modern day industries. Gamma
Rays can be used to examine metallic castings or welds in oil pipelines for weak
points. The rays pass through the metal and darken a photographic film at places
opposite weak points. In industry, Gamma rays are also used for detecting
internal defects in metal castings and in welded structures. Gamma rays are used
to kill pesticides and bugs in food. Gamma rays are also used in nuclear
reactors and atomic bombs.
Gamma rays are often used in the food industry. The radioisotopes
preserve foods. Although the rays never come in contact with the food, Beta
radiation kills various organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and insects. Gamma
rays are sometimes used in science. They are used to detect Beryllium. They also
played a very important role in the development of the atomic bomb.
Gamma Rays can be very dangerous to use or be in contact with. Gamma
rays bombard our bodies constantly. They come from the naturally radioactive
materials in rocks and soil. We take some of these materials into our bodies
from the air we breath and the water we drink. Gamma rays passing through our
bodies produce ionization in the tissue. High levels of gamma Radiation can
produce ionization of the tissue and cause skin cancer.
There are many ways in which we can protect ourselves from these harmful
affects Protection from gamma rays can be obtained Using a sheet of iron that is
a 1/2 inch thick. This kind of shielding will block only 50% of 1 million
electron volts of Gamma rays. We can also protect ourselves from gamma rays with
4 inches of water. Lead provides the most protection from gamma rays. A 1/4 of
an inch absorbs all the gamma ray exposure.
Many Gamma rays also come from outer space in a few major bursts the sun
produces gamma rays with energies up to one million electron volts. The
interaction of high energy electrons, Protons, and Nuclei of the sun, emit the
rays. Gamma rays can also come from the other stars in space, Through the
creation and death of the stars along with the creation of solar flares.
Astronomers have studied gamma rays to gain a better understanding of the
astronomical process. Gamma rays are a form of Electromagnetic radiation
similar to X-rays. Gamma rays carry millions of electron volts. As gamma rays
pass through matter, They lose energy, But at the same time Knock electrons
loose from the atom which ionizes them. Uranium and other naturally occurring
radioactive elements, which emit alpha and beta particles from their nuclei
which transforming into new elements, also emit gamma rays.
Long before experiments gamma rays emitted by cosmic sources,
scientists had known that the universe should be producing such photons. Hard
work by several brilliant scientists had shown that a number of different
processes which were occurring in the universe would result in gamma ray
emissions. These processes included cosmic ray interactions with interstellar
gases, supernova explosions, and interactions of energetic electrons with
magnetic fields. In the 1960"s we finally developed thew ability to actually
detect these emissions and we have been looking at them ever since.


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