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Essay/Term paper: The future of nasa

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Reports

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The Future of NASA

One hundred years from now, NASA's space program will not be so far
advanced that people will be able to beam around the Universe or travel through
time. However, unless something goes terribly wrong with the world, it is
expected to advance tremendously. New, high-tech designs for rockets will make
them more environmentally safe. Rockets will also be recycled and reused.
Systems retrieving parts of rockets that are today, left behind in space, will
be created. Astronauts will be well on their way to exploring Mars from a
hands-on perspective. Because of the overpopulated Earth, scientists may even
be considering ways to alter life on Mars, so that people would be able to live
there some day.
Some products developed in NASA's space program that we now incorporate
in our daily lives include the vacuum cleaner, pacemaker, pens that can write
upside-down, and the zero-gravity training system. The vacuum cleaner was
originally a great tool for astronauts in outer space. It is now a very helpful
tool for cleaning our homes. The pacemaker is a form of life-support on
spacecrafts, helping astronomers' hearts pump while they are outside of the
Earth's atmosphere. It is used, on Earth, for those who's hearts have problems
with pumping blood. Pens that write upside-down are used in space, where there
is no gravity and writing with pens would otherwise be impossible. They are
convenient tools on Earth when we are trying to write on vertical surfaces. A
zero-gravity training system is used to help astronauts become more comfortable
with the conditions in space. It is used in places such as Sportsland, for kids
to twirl around in.
In the future, telephones with picture screens, much like those used to
see astronauts in space with, will become common on Earth. Rooms with no
gravity may become a part of amusement parks. More solar-powered energy sources
will also be available. Space Internet may be created, so that astronomers and
anyone else that happens to be in space can upload pictures and chat with the
rest of the world while they are actually in outer space. In general, there is
a bright future in store for NASA, with new and advanced technology waiting
around the bend of the twenty-first century.


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