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Essay/Term paper: My theory of the universe

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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My Theory of the Universe

You are about to be transported to a very strange world, read on if you
dare! The planet you are on is a giant disco ball, rotating clockwise. (Earth)
This disco ball is in a place that has two stories. It is on the first story
ceiling, but the ceiling is made of glass so the disco ball can be seen from
both floors. The walls of the room are black. There is a big yellow spotlight
in one corner of the room that slowly moves up and down. (Sun) There is another
spotlight in the opposite corner, but this one is white and has a rotating
filter to block some of the light out. (Moon) This filter starts at one end of
the light, works its way across, and then works its way back. (Phases of the
Moon) There are many spots on the walls of the room that are just reflections
off of the disco ball. (Stars) These spots seem to form different patterns on
the walls and move along with the disco ball, but not always at the same rate.
(Constellations) There are two very shy people in the room that sometimes leave
the room. When they are in the room they stand by the walls and always wink for
some reason, so all we can see of them is one of their eyes. (Mercury & Venus)
Then there are three very weird people in the room that are always in the middle
of the room doing the Waltz. They do this some how by themselves and they to
are always winking. They are sometimes on the first floor and sometimes on the
second floor. (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) There is also one guy dressed in a
white polyester leisure suit, gold chains, and rings dancing to "Stayin' Alive."
(comet) It seems as though everyone in the universe hears their own music. He
is only in the room for a little bit; he makes his way across the room then
leaves, he must get tired really quick! Sometimes when he is dancing or even
when you can not see him dancing, (must have forgot his gold chains) somehow he
loses a ring because we can see it fly across the sky. (shooting star) Then
there are two people, one directly below the ball and one directly above the
ball when they are there. They both dress in silver lamay (shiny stuff) that
makes all different colors that we can see. (Northern/Southern Lights)
Occasionally some stupid guy stands in front of one of the spotlights and
blocks it out. He only does this until someone kicks him out and someone always
does. (Eclipse) Then sometimes we receive things from this party on our ball we
think that it is the people's dandruff that as been floating in the room and
settles on our ball. (Meteorites) There is also a place in the room where a
large number of people are standing and you can see all their eyes reflecting
off the ball. Finally there is one guy who stands in the room and holds up a
lighter so the band will continue to play. He only does this when he thinks the
band is going to stop and when they start playing again he stops and vanishes
from sight. (Supernova)


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