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Essay/Term paper: The bunsen burner

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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The Bunsen Burner

In class on Monday. We learn how to use a Bunsen burner. We had to tell
what was the hottest and coolest part of the flame. When we finish that. We had
to take a wire and go up and down in the flame to see what was the hottest part
of the flame. After we did that, we had to take a evaporating dish, and put it
into the flame and see what would be collected on the dish.
To hook the Bunsen burner up. We had to connect the burner to a gas jet
with the rubber hose that was hook to the burner. Then we had to make sure that
the needle value was rotating barrel was closed, so no gas or air was not going
through the burner. To light the burner we had to open the needle value so the
gas can flow through the burner. Then take a lighted match over the side to
light it. Don"t allow any air when you are lighting the burner. When it is lit
you will see a yellow flame. Then you would take the evaporating dish and put
it in the flame for a few minutes. To see what would be collected on the dish.
after you do that. Then you turn the barrel until you can"t see the yellow flame
anymore. Then put the dish in the hottest part of the flame and see what happens.
After you do that. You would cut off the burner by closing the needle value and
closing the barrel. Then you would cut off the gas.
In the conclusion the hottest part of the flame was the top part of the
flame, and the coolest part of the flame was the blue cone in the middle. Soot
was on the bottom of the dish the first time. When you put the dish back in the
hottest part of the flame. It had cleaned the bottom of the dish. That is how
you use a Bunsen burner.


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