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Essay/Term paper: Lab protocols

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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Lab Protocols

Through trial and error my class and I have learned that screwing around
and misbehaveing in lab not only results in multiple page papers, but can also
be harmful, dangerous, and costly to our teacher and school.

There are many rules or "protocols" that should be followed in a lab
enviroment. In this situation there are ten basic rules that must be followed
at all times while participating in lab experiments. These are here for our own
safety and should be followed for this reason.

The first rule is that everyone in the lab should wear eye protection.
In a lab enviroment eye injury is very common. Eye protection greatly reduces
this risk of injury.

The second is no horseplay. Horseplay can cause injury to yourself
others and can cause damage to the laboraty.

The third rule is that you should only interact with your partner and
the teacher. This will prevent distraction from your set experiment.

The fourth rule is that you should not leave your experiment unattended
whether you think it is dangerous or not. This rule is completely self
explanatory for safety purposes.

The fifth rule is to be extremely careful with equipment. Not only for
money purposes but also for your own personal safety.

The sixth rule is to not touch anything that the teacher or the lab
specifically instructs you to. Because you don't need to.

The seventh rule states that activities should only be done if they are
specifically discussed in your lab. This is for safety purposes and for the
liability of the school.

The eighth rule is that you are not to contaminate chemicals by using
equipment in more than one substance without washing it thoroughly. Doing this
can cause explosion, fire, bodily harm, poisonous gasses, or possibly death.
Also do not return chemicals to the original container after they have been used.

The ninth rule is that you must read your lab handout thoroughly before
experimenting in a lab environment. It is a good idea to ask any necessary
pertinent questions prior to partaking in your lab. Follow directions exactly.
This is to prevent possible harmful mistakes that may result in death, poisonous
gasses, bodily harm , explosion , or fire.

Last but not least the tenth rule is that before taking leave of the
laboratory environment set forth by the laboratory director and our prestigous
school. You should thoroughly clean to your best ability the above stated area.
This is to prevent possible chemical burns, toxic gasses, highly flammable
substances, and acids from forming on countertops. It also helps to keep the
lab environment sightly to the eyes.

I am truly sorry for any disturbances my classmates may have caused. I
also hope I have redeamed myself by writing this paper and herefore promising I
will "try " to be less disruptive in the future.


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