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Essay/Term paper: Creative writing: the fossilized story of mr. allosaurus

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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Creative Writing: The Fossilized Story of Mr. Allosaurus

As the mud starts to surround me I am no longer able to breathe. I
catch my last gasp of air and feel a few last raindrops fall on my head. I say
goodbye to my Earth and my land. My mouth and lungs fill with mud that travels
throughout my system. I am blinded by the wet black soil that has been
downpoured on so hard that it has become deadly. I am frightened. Slowly inch
by inch I sink farther and deeper in the mud. My life will come to an end soon,
and I, the last remaining creature of my kind, will become extinct. I struggle
and fight to survive, but the downcoming mud has to great of a force. I feel
the mud take the place of my heart, and I die. I feel dazed and confused. I
always thought I would die of starvation, not from actually trying to catch my
For thousands of years I have lived underground. I have become a
petrified fossil. All the flesh and skin has either rotted away, or was eaten
by bugs and other things underground. All that remains of me are my bones. I
became petrified, because when I was burried under the ground all those years
the groundwater dissolved all my bones. They were then replaced, a molecule at
a time, by the minerals in the water. This long process involved all these
tingly sensations. I felt odd for the longest time, but now I'm a new me!
About 900 years ago I received company from someone up above. His name
is Mr. Wolly Mammoth. Wolly died because of a volcanic eruption, and was
trapped in the burning lava. He's my best buddy and I was so glad he decided to
come join me. We always talk about what we think goes on above us. Sometimes
the Earth rumbles in a strange vibration. Wolly and I call these vibrations
Earth shakes.
100,000 years later and my friend Wolly has left me. He was dug up and
carried away by these "humans." I guess this is what these creatures are called.
I've heard echoes in the ground from younger fossils that the "humans" killed
them and buried them. One night me and Wolly were talking about these humans
coming a digging us up one day and putting us in their museums. It was our
dream and today Wolly's dream came true. I heard that the humans were coming
back tomorrow to dig some more. I hope my dream will also be fullfilled.
It is my lucky day! In the words of Pinnochio "dreams really do come
true." I heard that one from the fossil of the whale that ate Pinnochio. I was
put in The Museum Of Science And Industry in Illinois. And guess what, Wolly
was there, too. We were hung from the ceiling by wires, so we went fall, for
everyone to see. I just love being a fossil!


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