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Essay/Term paper: Tin

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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Tin's discoverer is unknown but one thing is known. Tin has been used and
discovered by the ancients. Tin was an accidental discovery. Tin has been around
for many years. Proof is in the fact that tin is mentioned in the old testament
of the bible. Tin had a great effect on the world because of its low price, high
electric conductivity, and because tin protects against rust and weak acids in
food if the can is made out of tin instead of aluminum. Some common compounds of
tin are organtin a combination of carbon and tin. When tin is formed with carbon
to make organtin it can make more than 500 organtin compounds. These compounds
are used in everyday things. One is toothpaste containers and also are things
such as wood, paper, textile, farm sprays, and Hospital disinfectants. To get
pure tin you must first find ore cassiterite or tin stone, a dioxide of tin. The
ore cassiterite before smelting and roasting must be crushed into a powder to
remove the arsenic and sulfur from the ore cassiterite. When you smelter the tin
you must heat it with carbon to remove the zinc, copper, bismuth, and iron from
the tin.

Tin had been used for many things but tins use is dropping rapidly although
tin is still used a lot for plating. Plating such things as electical contacts.

Tin is also used as a protective coating. This protective coating can be as
small as 15/1,000,000 of an inch. This protective coating protects against rust
on steel and other metals. A coating of tin also gives a great look to plain old

Tin cans for food prevents weak acids from damaging the inside of the can.
Not many cans are made of tin since aluminum started to be used for cans tins
use dropped sharply.

Tin is also used to coat staples, pins, bronze bell, pewter pitchers and many
others things.

Another popular tin mixture is tin and lead. Tin and lead make solder for
electric work. Battery contacts in the Black and Decker snake lights are also
tin plated.

A compound tin salt is used to spray onto glass windows to produce
electrically conductive coating for panel lighting and frost free windshields
for cars.

One last use for tin is in the making of glass windows that are made by
floating molten glass on molten tin. This produces a flat piece of glass to be
used as a windows.

Industries basically only use tin for plating for electricity or for
protection on there metals such as tin.

Tin is found in Molaya, Bolivia, Indonesia, Zaire, Thailand, Nigeria, but
almost no tin is found in America, although some tin has been found in Alaska
and California.

Tins basic information. Tin has an atomic number fifty on the periodical
table of the elements. Tin's atomic symbol is Sn. Tin's atomic weight is 119 amu
(118.69 amu). Tin's electronic configuration is 2-8-18-18-4. Tin is in Group 14.
Tin has a gray color unless heated then it turns white. Tin is also a malleable
and ductile element. Tin is a very soft metal. Tin melts at 450 degrees F. Tins
density is 7.2984 centimeters squared. Tin has 69 neutrons and 70 protons.


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