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Essay/Term paper: Issac newton

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science Research Papers

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Isaac Newton was born in 1642 and died in in 1727. He was an english scientist

and mathematician who was born into a poor farming family. Newton was not a good

farmer so he was sent to Cambridge to study to become a preacher. Newton studied

mathematics. Newton was forced to leave Cambridge when it was closed because of the

plague. During that period Newton made some of his most significant discoveries.

In 1675, Newton suffered a mental breakdown. He was still recovering through

1679. Newton began devoting his efforts to theological speculation and put the

calculations on elliptical motion aside. Newton devoted the period from August 1684 to

spring 1686 to this task. The results became one of the mos important influential works

on physics of all times. It was called: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.

Newton invented a scientific method which was truly universal. Newton

formulated the classical theories of mechanics and optics and invented Calculus years

before Leibniz. He had not published his work on Calculus until afterward Leibniz had

published his. Newton also formulated a system of chemistry in Query 31 at the end of

Optics. He explained chemical reactions in terms of the chemical affinities of the

participating substances. Newton devoted a majority of his free time later in life to

fruitless chemical experiments.

Newton was extremely sensitive to cirticism, and even ceased publishing until the

death of his archrival Hooke. After Newton's death, his burial place was moved. It was

discovered that Newton had massive amounts of mercury in his body.

Newton was appointed Warden of the British Mint in 1695. Newton contributed

more to the development of science than any other individual in history.

Although his methodology was strictly logical Newton still believed deeply in the

necessity of a God. Earlier philosophers such as Galileo and John Philoponus had used

experimental procedures. However, Newton was the first to explicitly define systematize

their us. He methodology produced a neat balance between theoretical and experimental

inquiry and between the mathematical and mechanical approaches.

Newton mathematized all the physical sciences, reducing their study to a rigorous,

universal, and rational procedure which marked the ushering in of the Age of Reason.

Newton was the most important contributor to the development of modern science.

He was a very strang, intelligent, powerful man.

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