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Essay/Term paper: Carl friedrich gauss

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science

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Carl Friedrich Gauss

Kevin Jean-Charles
August 10, 1996
Seq. Math Course 2
Period 1&2

This report is on Carl Friedrich Gauss. Gauss was a German scientist and
mathematician. People call him the founder of modern mathematics. He also worked
in astronomy and physics. His work in astronomy and physics is nearly as
significant as that in mathematics. Gauss also worked in crystallography, optics,
biostatistics, and Making mechanics.
Gauss was born on April 30, 1777 in Brunswick. Brunswick is what is now
called West Germany. He was born to a peasant couple. Gauss's father didn't want
Gauss to go to a University. In elementary school he soon impressed his teacher,
who is said to have convinced Gauss's father that his son should be permitted to
study with a view toward entering a university. In secondary school nobody
recognize his is talent for math and science because he rapidly distinguished
himself in ancient languages. When Gauss was 14 he impressed the duke of
Brunswick with his computing skill. The duke was so impressed that he generously
supported Gauss until his death in 1806.
Gauss conceived almost all his basic mathematical discoveries between
the ages of 14 and 17. In 1791 he began to do totally new and innovative work in
mathematics. In 1793-94 he did intensive research in number theory, especially
on prime numbers. He made this his life's passion and is regarded as its modern
Gauss studied at the University of Gottingen from 1795 to 1798. He soon
decided to write a book on the theory of numbers. It appeared in 1801 under the
title 'Disquisitiones arithmeticae'. This classic work usually is held to be
Gauss's greatest accomplishment. Gauss discovered on March 30, 1796, that circle,
using only compasses and straightedge the first such discovery in Euclidean
construction in more than 2,000 years.
His interest turned to astronomy in April 1799, and that field occupied
his attention for the remainder of his life. Gauss set up a speedy method for
the complete determination of the elements of a planet's orbit from just three
observations. He elaborated it in his second major work, a classic in astronomy,
published in 1809. In 1807 he was appointed director of the University of
Gottingen observatory and professor of mathematics, a position he held for life.
Gauss research with Wilheim Weber after 1831. Gauss and Weber research
was on electricity and magnetism. In 1833 they devised an electromagnetic
telegraph. They stemulated others in many lands to make magnetic observations
and founded the Magnetic Union in 1836.
In conclusion Carl Friedrich Gauss was well versed in the Greek and
Roman classics, studied Sanskrit, and read extensively in European Literature.
In later years he was showered with honors from scientific bodies and
governments everywhere. He died in Gottingen on Feb. 23, 1855.


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