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Essay/Term paper: Biome broadcast

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science

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Biome Broadcast

This morning Darian, Danny, Laura, and I were bored so we decided that we
would all go on a hike at Blue Ridge Mountain. All of us went home, got our
hiking equipment, and packed a lunch. We then met at my house. I drove all of
us up to Blue Ridge Mountain. We got there in a half hour it was around 10:30
It was probably one of the most beautiful days we had all year, it was
around seventy to seventy five degrees and there was barely any humidity. Even
though we have all four seasons and varied amounts of precipitation throughout
the year it felt like it was either a scorching humid summer day or it was a
freezing snowy winter day. It felt like we only had two seasons all year either
summer or winter.
When we stepped out of the car we could see and hear birds singing. We
could also smell, hear, and see the beautiful trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

Pictures of a robin and a cardinal that we saw while stepping out of the

We all got our gear out of the car and walked over to the trails. We had
to decide what trail to take. We had three choices the first trail was half a
mile long, the second trail was two miles long, and the third trail was four
miles long. Since it was such a beautiful day we all decided to take the third
trail that was four miles long.
We started hiking around 11:00 AM. While we were hiking we heard wings
flapping, we all turned and saw a robin fly towards the ground, pick up a worm,
and feed it to her babies. Everyone thought that it was cute. After, we
watched the robin for a while we continued hiking until 12:30 PM.
Everyone was hungry so we decided to find a spot to eat our lunches. We
found a perfect spot, it had a great view, a patch of beautiful dandelions, and
a big beautiful maple tree to sit under.

A picture of the great view we had during lunch.

A picture of one of the many dandelions that were in the patch that we were
sitting next to during lunch.

A picture of the maple tree we sat under while eating lunch.

We all sat down on the big blanket that we had brought along and ate our
lunches. Laura went over and picked a dandelion and smelled it. We talked for
a while and admired how big and beautiful the Blue Ridge Mountain was. We
finished having lunch around 1:30 PM. We then started hiking again. As we were
hiking we heard a splashing noise, we could not really identify what it was. We
walked toward the noise and encountered some ruff terrain. We finally found
what we have been hearing. It was several bears It was several bears trying to
catch fish in a stream. One of the bears caught a fish and all of the other
bears ran over to see if they could get some but it was to late because the bear
had already devoured the fish.

A picture of the bears trying to catch fish.

We decided to move on and not interfere with the bears because that is
not a situation we wanted to be in. As we moved on we saw a rattlesnake eat a
mouse. We were about fifty feet away though because if he were to bite one of
us on top of this mountain with nobody to help us our chances of survival were
pretty low. As we walked on we saw a nest of baby rattlesnakes we looked at
them from a safe distance when all of a sudden the mother of the rattlesnakes
shot out from behind a rock. We all ran for our lives! We ran for a good five
minutes before the rattlesnake stopped chasing us. Nobody was bit thank god.

A picture of the baby rattlesnakes that we saw.

But we had a big problem we were totally lost! We had traveled pretty
far off the trail while the rattlesnake was chasing us. We all decided to
travel down the mountain because it seemed to be the most logical way because we
hiked up the mountain so if we hiked down the mountain we would probably make it
to the car.
We started to make our way down the mountain. As we were making our way
down the mountain Laura tripped and rolled down the mountain about ten feet. We
all ran over to her and discovered she had broke her leg. Darian and I went to
find some branches so we could make a splint for Laura"s leg. We found some
branches and went back over to Danny and Laura. We assembled a splint and put
it on Laura"s leg. It was just strong enough for her to be able to walk.
So we continued making our way down the mountain and luckily we found a
compass! We knew we had to travel north because that was the way the trail
traveled. So we started to hike north.
We eventually made our way back to the trail. We saw some other people
that were hiking. They saw we needed help and they gladly provided us with
their assistance. They helped us get back to my car.
I got in my car and drove to the nearest phone. I called an ambulance
and drove back to the mountain. We all waited for the ambulance to come. When
the ambulance arrived they put Laura in the back and took her off to the
hospital. All of us watched the ambulance drive off into the sunset.

A picture of the sunset by the Blue Ridge Mountain.


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