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Essay/Term paper: Julius

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Shakespeare

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julius:  There have been many great leaders in our history, one of who
is Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar was born a leader and died a leader. From his uprising
triumphs, which he

had many of, to his tragic down fall.

There have been many great leaders in our history, one of who is Julius

Julius Caesar was born a leader and died a leader. From his uprising
triumphs, which he

had many of, to his tragic down fall. A reason for his down fall was that he
was too

ambitious. Another reason for his demise is the betral of his so-called best
friend Brutus.

Envy and jealously which also was a factor of Caesar"s death. He was a
brave man and he

cared about what the society thought of him. He doesn"t like to be thought
of as a

coward. He does his best to keep his image. In the play Julius Caesar Caesar

influenced by his wife, the messenger, and the pressure to keep up his good


Calpurnia, Caesar"s wife was wealthy women who can"t have babies. She has
many omens which


Caesar thinks are silly and ignores them. The day of Caesars death she had an
omen. Her omen was that

Caesar was going to turn into a statue and people will wash their hands with
his blood. She pressured him

not to go to the meeting, afraid for Caesar"s life. Her omen did come true.
Caesar ignored her request for


him to stay and left. To Caesar, only superstitious people believed in omens.
He went to

the meeting not knowing that his wife"s omen would come true. He went to
the meeting

because he didn"t want people to think of him as a coward. Also, because he
might have

been offered the crown for the fourth time.


The messenger who came to get Caesar to the meeting also was influence.

trusted the messenger and told him the real reason he wasn"t going and the

just laughed and said "I will not lie". He also told Caesar that " if
you do not come I will

tell them the real reason you did not go". To Caesar he thought that the
Romans would

think of him as a coward. Caesar said " cowards die many times before their

which meant that people who turn down fights and wars die before their time


the Roman would think of them less and wouldn"t bother to even look twice
at that

person. To Caesar that was like he was already died and that you backed out

something so important



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