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Essay/Term paper: Apartheid in modern south africa

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Apartheid in Modern South Africa

Apartheid is the legal segregation of races promulgated in the Republic
of South Africa. The discovery of gold and diamonds in South Africa during the
19th century, ultimately lead to racially segregated compounds for mine workers
becoming the fore fathers of apartheid(Kanfer 79). By the 1920s de facto
apartheid was the predominant feature of life in South Africa (79). Apartheid,
fought against for many years, until now was still a main factor in South Africa
life. Today apartheid approaches its final years as political supporters of
anti-apartheid such as President Nelson Mandela continually fights for a
multiracial South Africa. The struggle against racial separatism, apartheid,
still however continues today as there are many people supporting pro-apartheid
movements. The hope for a non-apartheid South Africa, although achieved through
bitter battles and political ploys, has today become a reality.
The political support of the antiapartheid movement was perhaps seen
greatest in 1991. Written in TIME Magazine by Greenwald, Former President F.W.
de Klerk in February of 1991 opened Parliament with a pledge to legalize the
militantly antiapartheid African National Congress and released A.N.C leader
Nelson Mandela from jail (56). De Klerk also showed his intentions to "bring a
swift end to legally sanctioned racial segregation" (56). "He called on
Parliament to repeal immediately the remaining pillars of discrimination that
dictate where blacks can work and live" (56). De Klerk also asked lawmakers to
discontinue the Group Areas Act which segregated black and white residential
areas and the Land Acts, which prevents blacks from owning land outside of
specially assigned homelands (56). The Population Registration Act which forces
South Africans to register by racial groups for political and economic purposes
was phased out under de Klerk's plans as the act is a major underpin for the
apartheid system (56). Indeed, 1991 was the year of a great step forward for an
antiapartheid South Africa.
Yet another leap forward for a non-apartheid South Africa was the
election of President Nelson Mandela in May 1994. Nelson Mandela, the leader of
the African Nation Congress, fiercely opposes apartheid. After the first all-
race elections in April 1994, the South African population took its leap forward
in electing Nelson Mandela who would further antiapartheid movements.
The continuing support for apartheid can be seen in many organizations
such as the neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement. These conflicting battles
for support of apartheid are not without their bloodshed in modern South Africa.
On March 1994, violence rang out in South Africa about apartheid as three pro-
apartheid supporters were shot by black soldiers (Lacayo 49). These three people
were indeed members of the neo-Nazi Afrikaner Resistance Movement (49). In TIME
Magazine, Lacayo writes that these attempts to defend a remnant of apartheid is
doomed as South Africa transforms itself into a multiracial state (49). Weeks
before South Africa's first all-race elections in April 1994, thousands of armed
white extremists had an incurred with demonstrating residents in their demand to
be allowed to vote (49). The eventual outcome of massive gun fire left as many
as twelve people dead (49). These remanents of pro-apartheid movements can be
seen throughout South Africa.
The political end of South Africa looks in support of antiapartheid
whereas the few who don't, condone violent actions taken place against the
antiapartheid supporters. Violence will plague South Africa so long as people
remain racist. But help from people such as South African President Nelson
Mandela and former President of South Africa F.W. de Klerk will keep South
Africa on its road ahead as the ultimate goal for the multiracial, antiapartheid
South Africa is within reach.

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