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Essay/Term paper: The odyssey - telemachus

Essay, term paper, research paper:  The Odyssey

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On Page 59, Telemachus recounts his confrontation with the Old man of the sea who could change his appearance in order to escape danger. Telemachus reveals the information which he obtained from the Old man of the sea to the reader. The Old man told Telemachus of the sorrowful tale of Agamemnon"s Murder. The story tells of how Aegisthus paid a man to watch for Agamemnon"s return from the sea. After a year of waiting, the King returned in what he thought to be secrecy. The lookout man relayed the information to Aegisthus and he had Agamemnon"s finest warriors become preoccupied with a small confrontation in one end of the castle. In the other end of the castle, Aegisthus had a banquet and feast prepared for Agamemnon. Aegisthus took a chariot to the sea and picked up Agamemnon. Agamemnon was very happy and he believed that Aegisthus was his friend. He returned to the palace and after the feast Aegisthus slain him in his own bedroom. Eight years later, Orestes returned from Athens and killed Aegisthus and his own deceitful mother.

On Page 39, Nestor forewarns Telemachus not to stray too far or too long from home or to leave his wealth unguarded with all of the contemptuous suitors in the palace. He tells Telemachus that if he does stay away for too long the suitors will take all of his wealth and in effect, making his small Odyssey futile. This is very substantial information which Telemachus had encounter in order to direct his attention and actions towards what was right.


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