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Essay/Term paper: Character analysis of arthur dimmesdale in "the scarlet letter"

Essay, term paper, research paper:  The Scarlet Letter

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Character Analysis of Arthur Dimmesdale in "The Scarlet Letter"

The Scarlet Letter is a story of characters that have to live and deal
with the effects of sin in different ways. Of these characters, the Reverend
Arthur Dimmesdale is the character portrayed as the most weak and unnoble.
Despite this portrayal Dimmesdale was a stronger character than given credit for.
His unbelievable amount of control in his way of handling his burdens displays
his great sense of strength and intellect.
We first see Dimmesdale portrayed as a nervous and sensitive individual.
Despite his outer appearance, inside Dimmesdale is a very stable, strong person.
Chapter Three states that he showed, ÿnervous sensibility and a vast power of
self restraint.ÿ While this seems to give Dimmesdale great strength, it is also
his largest flaw. His body refuses to do what his heart says is right.
Dimmesdale instructs Hester to reveal the truth, but when she refuses he doesnÿt
have the willpower to confess himself. Therefore, his sin becomes even larger
than hers, because while hers is an exposed sin. He continues to lie to himself
and his followers by keeping his secret hidden, so his is a concealed sin. Here
Hawthorne shows us just how strong Dimmesdale actually is, by allowing him to
hide his sin and bear the weight of it, he creates an extremely interesting and
tremendously strong character.
The scaffold is the place that Dimmesdale shows the amount of pain and
self-loathing he is truly capable of concealing. He realizes that he is as much
at fault for Hesterÿs torment as any common villager, if not even more so.
Seven years prior, Hester stood in this place and took the punishment for both
of them while he quietly stood aside and led people to believe that he also
condemned her. During those long seven years he made no move to lessen her load
or his own. Now Dimmesdale has had all that he can bear and lets out a yell
that draws the attention of fellow villagers. He curses himself for his silence
and cowardice.
On the scaffold in the chapter 23 the true sign of strength ids revealed.
To admit he is wrong takes strength, but the way that he held in his sin thus
committing two, one of the original sin, and two of the concealment, then
confessing after years of frustrating cowardice takes a stronger man. This
confession also in front of his loyal followers, who had stood by him without a
clue of his guilt. His demise was from the drain of his will which was worn and
Dimmesdale was not courageous in his actions in the story but strong.
He was able to carry the burdens, frustration , and pain throughout his life.
Whether he was good, brave, or right in what he did is to remain unseen but the
fact that he was strong is certain.


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