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Essay/Term paper: "hawthorn swings, and misses"

Essay, term paper, research paper:  The Scarlet Letter

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The Scarlet Letter

Adultery, betrayal, promiscuity, subterfuge, and intrigue, all of which

would make an excellent coming attraction on the Hollywood scene and probably

a pretty good book. Add Puritan ideals and writing styles, making it long,

drawn out, tedious, wearisome, sleep inducing, insipidly asinine, and the end

result is The Scarlet Letter. Despite all these things it is considered a

classic and was a statement of the era.

The Scarlet Letter is a wonderful and not so traditional example of the good

versus evil theme. What makes this a unique instance of good versus evil is

that either side could be considered either one. Hester could very easily

have been deduced as evil, or the "bad guy," as she was by the townspeople.

That is, she was convicted of adultery, a horrible sin of the time, but

maybe not even seen as criminal today. As for punishment, a sentence to wear

a scarlet "A" upon her chest, it would hardly be considered a burden or

extreme sentence in present day. Or Hester can be seen as rebelling against

a society where she was forced into a loveless marriage and hence she would

be the "good guy," or girl, as the case may be. Also the townspeople, the

magistrates, and Chillingworth, Hester's true husband, can be seen in both

lights. Either they can be perceived as just upholding the law -she

committed a crime, they enforce the law. On the other hand are they going to

extreme measures such as wanting to take Pearl, Hester's daughter, away just

because Hester has deviated from the norm, all to enforce an unjust law that

does not even apply to this situation?

Although the subjects of the novel do apply to important issues in history

and could have had influences on the time period, they were not great.

During the times and in the Puritan community this did not have a large

affect on anything. Sure, they did not want anyone committing adultery, most

were killed if convicted, but it was not something that upset their way of

living in any permanent manner. To an individual or group who was battling

something backward in the Puritan society, as were many things, this would

have been an inspirational book and possibly a revelation.

In short, this book could have been exceptional; it had all the elements of

a superb book. Unfortunately, Hawthorne found himself a rather large

thesaurus and added a bunch of mindless prattle that mellowed out the high

points of the book and expanded on the low points. In many chapters all he

manages to accomplish is to update the lives of characters, mostly with

irrelevant drivel. Also by expanding on the symbolism of the scarlet letter

umpteenth times he wears it out so that the reader wants nothing more to do

with a dumb "A" on some woman's chest hundreds of years ago. Other than

that, great book.


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