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Essay/Term paper: Jomo kenyatta (his life)

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World History

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Throughout the twenitieth century, many individuals have made importaint contributions to their nations or to thier region.Three that i will be talking about are Jomo Kenyatta, Yassir Arafat, and Yizhak Rabin. due to what these Three have done what whould be of there nations or regions.
Jomo Kenyatta was the first president of Kenya. He was devoted nationalist who was a staunch protector of Western political and economic interests in Kenya. Kenyatta was widely regarded as a stabilizing force in Kenya.
Kenyatta was born probably on October 20, 1891, at Ichaweri in British East Africa (now Kenya). A member of the Kikuyu tribe, he was named Kamau wa Ngengi. Educated at the Church of Scotland Mission at Kikuyu and baptized a Christian, he worked as a government clerk in Nairobi. Where in 1922 he joined a political protest movement. By 1928, as secretary of the Kikuyu Central Association, he was chief advocate for Kikuyu land rights. From 1931 to 1946 he worked and studied in Western Europe and Moscow. While in London, Kenyatta studied under the British anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski and wrote his influential book Facing Mount Kenya (1938).
On returning to Africa, Kenyatta was elected president of the new Kenya African Union (later, Kenya African National Union, or KANU). In 1952 he was charged with leading the Mau Mau Rebellion against the British, and, despite his denials, he was sentenced to seven years in prison and two years in exile. Released in 1961, he assumed the presidency of KANU. In 1963, when Kenya gained independence, Kenyatta became prime minister. He was elected president of the new Republic of Kenya in 1964 and held that post until his death in Mombasa on August 22, 1978.
Yassir Arafat is a Palestinian commando leader and politician. Hes the head of head of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Born in Jerusalem he fled after the establishment of Israel in 1948 later studied engineering in CairoRabin, Yitzhak (1922- ), Israeli political leader. Born in Jerusalem and educated in an agricultural school, Rabin fought with Palmach, a Jewish commando unit, against British authorities in Palestine. Jailed by the British in mid-1946, he was released in early 1947 and helped lead the defense of Jerusalem in the War of Independence (1947-1949). Rabin then rose through the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces, becoming chief of staff in 1964. After the Six-Day War (1967) he retired from the military and served as ambassador to the United States from 1968 to 1973. He entered the Knesset (parliament) as a Labor member in January 1974; by May he had succeeded Golda Meir as prime minister and party leader. In April 1977, after a series of scandals, he was forced to surrender his party leadership to Shimon Peres. As defense minister from 1984 to 1990, Rabin was responsible for carrying out Israel's hard-line response to the Palestinian uprisings known as the intifada. In February 1992 he replaced Peres as Labor party leader, and after elections in June Rabin again became prime minister. In 1993, after secret negotiations, Rabin agreed to the signing of an historic peace accord with longtime enemy Yasir Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The agreement paved the way for limited Palestinian self-rule in Israeli-occupied territories.group Al Fatah, and for the next few years, while working with a construction firm in Kuwait, repeatedly led fedayeen raids deep into Israeli territory. In 1964, he linked Al Fatah with similar groups in the PLO, which he has headed since 1968. After the Arab League recognized the PLO as the sole representative of Palestinian Arabs in 1974, Arafat worked to win the organization international recognition. Also he made a strong effort to shed his terrorist image for that of the moderate statesman. In 1988 he proclaimed an independent Palestinian state, addressed a special session of the United Nations General Assembly in Geneva, and recognized Israel's right to exist, thus meeting a pivotal U.S. condition for substantive dialogue with the PLO. His support for Iraq during the Persian Gulf War eroded his international standing, especially with most Arab governments in the Gulf. In a startling development, after secret negotiations, Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin agreed to the signing of a peace accord in Washington, D.C., on September 13, 1993, calling for Israel and the PLO to recognize each other and for Palestinian self-rule to begin in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho.


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