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Essay/Term paper: Brazil

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World History

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Brazil lies between thirty five degrees west longitude and seventy five
degrees west longitude. Brazil also runs between five degrees north latitude
and thirty five degrees south latitude. Brazil is located in mainly the eastern
part of South America. This country sits in mostly the southern hemisphere of
the world. Being completely on the west side of the world, Brazil is not all in
the south side of the world. With the equator running through north Brazil, a
small portion of Brazil, a small portion of Brazil is in the northern hemisphere.
Brazil is bordered by a number of South American countries. Brazil borders
Uruguay to the north; Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru to the east; Bogota
to the southeast; Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana to the south;
and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.


The landscape of Brazil is covered with plains, plateaus, and tropical
grasslands. The plains has a fertile ribbon of lowlands, about ten through
thirty miles wide which are along the country's coastline. Behind the plains
sits a huge interior plateau that runs steeply near the lowlands in front of it.
This drop forms an escarpment, steep cliff that separates two level areas. In
Brazil there is much poverty. People make a living there by subsistence farming.
Even though they do farming subsistintly, they use much advanced farming there.
Aside from farming there is much more to there culture. People there are
involved a lot in astronomy and mathematics. Architecture is another way of
living there. This used not only as a money making job, but private uses also.


In the 1500s, the Portuguese colonist built big sugar plantations along
the fertile coastal plain and port cities to ship crops to Europe. Brazilian
government has been tearing desolate slums, called favelas, down in order to
improve Brazilian cities. These favelas were replaced with public housing
people could afford. In 1955, Brazil decided to build a new capital city, 600
miles inland, called Brasilia, in order to decrease the population of the former
capital Rio de Janeiro. Between 1940s and 1950s, Brazil's government built the
country's first steel mill and oil refinery. The government also built it's
firs series of dams to produce hydroelectricity in order to run industries.
During the 1970s Brazil began a large road-building project beginning at
Brasilia. At the same time Brazil developed a fuel called ethanol from
sugarcane, and were clearing the Amazon to plant crops there.


Brazil was inhabited by Portuguese colonist in 1500. Brazil's colonist
brought over three hundred million African slaves to Brazil, to work on the
plantations. This continued until the late 1800s, when the practice was done
away with. During the same time, thousands of people came from many different
regions like Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Japan. They all came to work in the
coffee business. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paul are two of Brazil's biggest
populated cities. This is because of it's mystique, beauty, and economic health.
Between 1970 and 1985 one million people had migrated to the Amazon regions and
to the Brazilian Highlands because of new roads and free land grants. These
free land grants were a way of the government promoting settlement in the north.


Brazil is all part of Latin America. It is also largely covered by the
Amazon River Basin, as well as the rest of South America. The Northeast Region
has a wet and dry climate, while the Southeast Region has a humid subtropical
climate. Some affect on the climate has to do with the equator running straight
through Brazil. Besides climate there are other differences between the regions.
The Northeast is the world's biggest producer of coffee. The major language
between these regions is Spanish and Portuguese although a large number of
people in the Northeast have African ancestry. In the Southeast there are many
favelas in all the major cities, which are just another way of saying desolate
slums. The other two regions aren't as detailed as the Northeast and Southeast.
The Brazilian Highlands which is where the capital is and the Amazon River Basin
which covers all of Brazil.


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