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Essay/Term paper: Contrast/comparison of a country lifesytle vs a city lifestyle

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World History

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Contrast/Comparison of A Country Lifesytle vs A City Lifestyle

The country lifestyle and city lifestyle have a lot of differences, so we saw
them such as work, the enviroment and the entertaiment. Let me tell about these

The first difference is work. Both of them people usually work , but how they
work different . To begin with, farmers work outside and harvest. Employee of
the company work inside and work on machine. Second, the country has small
markets and the city has big markets. The third way, is the people in country
don't need more money. Everytime, they need to buy something , they can trade
each other such as rice,potato.etc...But the people in the city make more money
because they need more thing such as food, fish,etc..

Next, it is the environment . The two places have different environments. First,
the country is quiet, but the city is noisy . Second, the country has clear
climate and few vehicles ; but the city has pollution and too many vehicles.
Finally, one has cows and their life is peaceful , but the other doesn't have
cows and their life is stressful.

Finally, of it is the entertaitment. They have very big different . The people
in country have few friend, but the people in the city have a lot of friends,
Next, the country has a few theatre but the city has a lot of theatre. Third,
the country doesn't have college but the city has a lot of colleges.for example,
the people in the country go to the city to learn.

All of it told above such as work, enviroment, entertainment usually show the
different between of them. The country is quiet but the city is bustling. All in
all,. the both of them have special qualities.


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