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Essay/Term paper: Creative story: positraction

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World Literature

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Creative Story: Positraction

It was a cold night and Roger Katmandoo ( a 89 year old man) sat on his
front porch. His rocking chair squeeked as he rocked back and forth. Right then
a pair of hedlights came on and were shining right in Mr. Katmandoo's eyes. The
headlights came closer towards Roger as the car's engine screamed. The car was
right at the curb, and it keep going right up into Roger's yard. " Shit" he
yelled as the red 67' Courger drove through his well kept lawn. "Jesus
Palamesus" He hollared "U gonna die U sack of shit" Then the car stoped and
flashed A gun out the winder as Roger pulled up a loose board in the floor of
the porch and grabbed his machine gun. " Youin's best be gett'n out a here" he
bluffed "or I will have to kick your little punk asses" Then th ecar speed off
leav'n positraction tire marks all in Mr. Katmandoo's yard. Then when the car
was half in the street and half in Roger's yard they all yelled "Hey Fuck-o" and
speed off. "You little bastards callin me a buck-o" Roger yelled as his hudge
buck teeth bit his bottom lip " I'll kick your ass". Then Roger jumped In his
shit brown FORD truck and started the engine (well I mean tried to start the
engine because he had to pull start it). Then he speed out of his driveway and
took off with smoke coming from the tires (and from under the hood). He caught
up with the Cougar and started hanging out the window trying to hit the car but
he couldn't hold the steering wheel and do bash the car at the same time. So he
got THE CLUB out from underneath his seat and put it on the steering wheel. So
he got the Baseball bat and started hanging out the window hitting the car. The
guy in the Cougar started swirved and Roger fell out of his car and flew
underneath the wheel of the Cougar while he was yelling "I'll kick your ass" and
crunched Roger leaving blood and guts all over the freeway. But Roger's skull
stuck into the Cougar's hub cap. The cougar spun out of controll and flipped
then hit the gaurd rail and went fling accross the freeway into oncoming traffic.
And uuhh oh here comes the undertaker's truck full of dead bodies. The truck
smashes into the car sending it flying into the air again only this time it
explodes in the air and the people's bodies who were in the car go whirling into
a pile with all of the undertaker's bodys that are scattered all over the place.
Cars on the freeway are just crunching the bodys. As this happenns U can hear
all of the body's bones breaking. And also it makes the cars wreck. One car has
a body on it's hood and it's still just cruising around.


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