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Essay/Term paper: Hitlers rise to power

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World War

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The name Hitler stirs up many emotions inside the hearts of people. What

could have made Hitler so hostile towards the Jews? Could it have been his

unhappy childhood, frustrated adolecsnce, his artistic disappointment,

rejection from the Jewish society or merely the wound he received on the

front during World War I. Adolf Hitler or the incarnation of absolute evil

became dictator of Germany in 1933 and prepared his nation for war and a

"Final Solution" to the "Jewish problem". Hitler posed a great threat to

democracy and redefined the meaning of evil for eternity. Hitler's

undeniable hatred for Jews crushed his dream of a "third Reich" and only

created more anguish, and enmity among the people of Germany.

World War I was a great disparagement to the German people. Despair

increased as the army returned to a bankrupt country. Millions of Germans

could not find work, and a weak republic had replaced the defeated Germany.

The German people were humiliated and full of distress. They were looking

for many ways to restore their dignity and pride, but little did they know

that things would get much worse. "The rain of inflation fell on the just

and the unjust alike"(Flood 313) By 1923, Germany was facing deep troubles.

There was major inflation and the majority of the population was poverty

stricken. Problems were beginning to escalate while Germany was in a dismal

economic state, shops were closing and, no

profits in production resulted in vast unemployment. Hungry and miserable

the people turned to Hitler. He was a skillful schemer, politician, and

organizer. This was Hitler's opportunity to preach amongst the German

people. Hitler preached German superiority, more precisely to the Aryan

race. Since the country was in total and complete chaos after the war, and

was forced to pay billions of dollars in reparations, the German people saw

some sort of hope in Hitler. Germany lost a large amount of its territory.

The Empire was no more. "Hitler saw an opportunity and moved to grasp it"

(Alexandria 75). When he took power the economy was basically non existent.

Hitler did not believe in total truth, instead he relied on halve truths,

and big lies. For example he believed that the Jews were a sub -human race,

that should be treated terribly and be completely disposed of. The German

Workers' Party appealed to Hitler even though they were small, disorganized,

and led by a group of misfits. Hitler used this as oppertunity to begin his

rise to the top, and to start the destruction of all Jews. Hitler wanted

"to re-establish the Nazi Party as a political organization which he could

seek power exclusively" (Shirer 119). Hitler's intermingling with The

German Workers' Party was the beginning of the national socialism movement

which would soon help Germany become "The Third

Reich". The Nazi's offered no program for easing the effects of the

depression and no details about how Germany would regain

greatness. "Hitler was shaping his party to take over Germany's destiny"

(Shirer 121). Hitler attacked the government, and declared that only the

Nazi Party could assure Germans jobs and greatness for Germany. While

spending time in prison for leading a protest in Munich, Hitler wrote a

book Mien Kampf (My Struggle), in which he states many reasons why the Jews

and communists were accountable for the great losses that Germany had

experienced from WW I.

He also decided on the "final solution" to the "Jewish problem", which was

to eliminate the so called "Jewish Race". When he took power the economy

was basically non existent. Many Germans looked at him as a solution to all

their problems. He promised to rebuild the glorious Germany of the past.

First he started rebuild their army. Germany was not allowed to have more

than 100,000 troops according to the treaty of Versailles. Hitler broke the

treaty, and built up his military way beyond what Germany was allowed.

Factories started putting out weapons, which made more jobs for the

people. Mass rallies were held, where Hitler continued to use his powers of

speech on the German people. At first the allies did nothing about Hitler

breaking the Treaty of Versailles. They made acts of appeasement that

allowed Hitler to keep on doing what he was doing. All along Hitler was

preparing for war. His fight to take over the world. Hitler gave speeches

in which he indicated that the German people needed living space. Later he

Marched into the Reihnland, an area which Germany had lost. Next he moved

into Austria, his home country and annexed it without a shot being fired.

Following Austria, he wanted control of the Sudetenland. The Allies didn't

want another war so they let Hitler invade these countries, but when he

attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 the allies could no longer stand by

and watch. Britain and France declared war on Germany. A few days later,

World War II began. The war continued for many years, along with the

destruction of many innocent people. Jews were being treated like animals,

every terrible thing imaginable was being done to them. The rest of the

world was to blind to see it. Hitler hated Jews so much that in early 1945,

when equipment and manpower was badly needed on the front during II he

insisted on man and equipment staying to continue transporting Jews to the

concentration camps.

After Hitler became both President and Chancellor of Germany, the Nazi

party took control over every aspect of every daily life. Hitler ordered

the creation of a special police force (the Gestapo) to make sure that all

opponents would be eliminated. He also gave

orders to set up a special force which would be used to transport and take

care of all political prisoners and people thought to be inferior. These

people were taken to concentration camps where they all faced dehumanizing

and inhumane deaths. It has been estimated that two-thirds of the Jewish

population was eliminated during the Holocaust.

Mass propaganda was used to persuade the German people that Hitler would

make the country strong and powerful again. They also used propaganda to

discriminate against the Jews and other minority groups which were

considered to be sub-human. Teachers were forced to be a part of the Nazi

party and were ordered to teach children to hate Jews. Children were taught

that Jews very the source of all their problems.

Hitler believed "the pure Aryan race" was destined to rule the world.

He wanted to build an Empire that would last well over 1000 years, making

Germany "the Third Reich". Hitler publicly stated his views on the Jews.

The Jews of Germany didn't see Hitler as a great threat at first. But soon

enough Hitler began to ravage all their rights. Soon they were not allowed

to marry anyone who was non-Jewish. They could not hold positions such as

teachers, doctors lawyers and so-on. All Jews had to register with the

government and wear the star of David on their clothing so they would be


discernible. Many Jews only then realized that there was a serious

problem and many of them started flee from the outrage of hatred in Germany.

Jews, Communists, gypsies, homosexuals, political figures, Slavs, and

others which were viewed as "Inferior" according to Nazi racial theory were,

loaded on to trains and traveled the tracks to their cold, cruel death.

All the trains were sent to concentration camps, which were set up to

implement the "final solution". Camps such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, and

Bergen Belsen were all equipped with gas chambers to make the killing

process quick and more efficient. In those camps 6 million Jews and many

others were killed by the Nazis.

Hitler's army seemed almost unstoppable until the allies managed to win

many decisive battles, which helped destroy Hitler's dream of a "Third

Reich". Hitler had no reason to live once his dream was shattered. On

April 30 , 1945 Hitler committed suicide in his bunker and his body was

burned to ashes. On May 7 , 1945 Germany surrendered unconditionally. Hitler

had failed in his attempt to create a "Superior Race" and, to take over the


Hitler was one of the most, if not the most cruel man to ever walk the

face of the earth. His belief of superiority of the "Aryan" race made him

hate all others. He thought that anyone that wasn't part of the "Aryan Race"

was "Sub-human". In the end Hitler's

hatred for Jews only created more misery and shame for the people of


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