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Essay/Term paper: Facts on aids

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Biology

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Facts On AIDS

Cases of AIDS have been reported in 85 countries. It is estimated between 5
and 10 million people around the world now carry the AIDS virus and that as many
as 100 million will become infected over the next 10 years.

How can you become infected?

1. sexual intercourse
a) vaginal
b) anal
c) oral

Having another sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis, herpes or
gonorrhea appears to make someone more susceptible to acquiring HIV
infection during sex with an infected partner

2. blood transfusions - since November 1985 in Canada all blood and blood
products are tested for HIV antibodies

3. infection drug users by sharing needles or syringes with someone already

4. during pregnancy, at birth or through breast feeding, an infected mother can
pall the virus to her child

How you cannot become infected:

1. sitting next to someone 2. touching or shaking hands 3. eating in a
restaurant 4. sharing food, plates, cups or utensils 5. using bathrooms, water
coolers, or telephones 6. swimming in a pool or using a hot tub 7. donating
blood 8. being bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects


Symptoms may not show for 10 years after you become infected by the HIV virus.
A month or two after exposure to the virus there may be flu-like symptoms that
may last a week to a month and is often mistaken for those of another viral
infections. More persistent or severe symptoms that may not surface for a
decade or more: - swollen lymph glands - recurrent fever, including "night
sweats" - rapid weight loss for no apparent reason - constant fatigue - diarrhea
and diminished appetite - white spots or unusual blemishes in the mouth


1. abstain for sex 2.have protected sex with latex condoms whenever having anal,
oral or vaginal sex 3. limit number of partners 4. do not share needles

It is important to educate children for many reasons: 1. to reduce their
fears about disease 2. to help delay the beginning of sexual activity 3. to
encourage the use of condoms and safer sex practices if children are already

sexually active

There are many different aids you can use to help teach the children the facts
on AIDS:

- videos - games - guest speakers - quizzes - papers - presentations - question
and answer periods

For more information as a future teacher contact:

- your local health unit or community health center - your local AIDS
organization - AIDS hotlines - your doctor - your family planning clinic -

Be creative when educating children on AIDS. They love to learn about topics
such as this if you put enjoyment in the learning process. An example of a game
you can play that the children really enjoy is the teacher reading out questions,
multiple choice, true and false etc. and the children responding by putting up
their hand, the first hand the teacher sees raised can answer the question and
if it is correct they are awarded with a prize ( a candy for example). You
could divide the class up into teams to make it a fun competitive game. You can
play many different games such as this that the children enjoy, and are learning
at the same time, BE CREATIVE!!


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