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Essay/Term paper: Chicken pox or varicella vs. tuberculosis or tubercle bacilli

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Biology

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Chicken Pox Or Varicella Vs. Tuberculosis Or Tubercle Bacilli


Chicken pox, a highly contagious disease that strikes many people, is caused by
the herpes zoster virus. The virus is transmitted by the respiratory system and
carried in the bloodstream to all parts of the body. The main symptom is a rash
that appears on the face and torso, but also on the extremities. The rash turns
into blisters that itch like crazy ( I know from personal experience), that go
away in a few days. The other symptoms are loss of appetite, fever, and headache.


An acute infectious disease of humans and some animals, tuberculosis is caused
by bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium. One of the oldest known diseases, it was
known as the great white plague. TB was one of the leading causes of deaths in
adults until an antituberculosis drug was introduced in the 1940's. The disease
can remain dormant for years before becoming active. The typical symptoms are
fatigue, night sweats and fever, loss of appetite and weight, and a constant
cough. Hemorrhages may occur due to the destruction of lung tissue. The disease
is spread through extended exposure to an infected person, because when the
victim coughs infected droplets into the air, they can be inhaled by someone
near by.


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