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Essay/Term paper: Required classes for college students

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Sociology Essays

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"Open Your Eyes" Open your eyes, clean out your ears, sit down and listen, straighten your back, keep your head forward and be ready to have an open mind? Having an open mind is a good quality to have while experiencing different situations that you may encounter. People have many different opinions and ideas which they are expressing in today's society. College is another step along the journey of life that a select few will experience. College should be first priority on everybody's agenda in order to be successful in this struggling world. People need education outside of their own studies to broaden their horizons. People are sometimes stuck in their own "little world" and do not realize the important factors of life. Hopefully, college students will realize the importance of the classes which they are taking in college courses, and that the classes have meaning. Students may not understand the meaning of these required classes at the time which they are required, but someday t! hey may understand. College students may think basic required classes is just busy work, wasted time, and a waste of their money. There is another intention to why these classes are required. Imagine that you are the Vice President of a well known company while sitting there in a meeting with the President of the same company and all of your coworkers. Somebody says to you Mr. VP, what do you think about the Checks and Balances of our American Government? What is Mr. VP to reply. Sorry I didn't take government to understand what you are talking about. Personally I would rather be able to join in on the discussion with my fellow coworkers. Government among other required classes are important. History, science, English, economics all have some reason why they are important. First of all history I believe is important because our American society can learn from the people before our generation. I also think that history is interesting to learn and I can understand why some people are ! the way they are because of the way society has brought them to be. Such as some of the African-Americans are still mad at the Caucasians because of our ancestors. If we were not taught history we would not understand why some of the African-Americans were hostile toward the Caucasians. Among other events that have taken place throughout history it is important that college students have the opportunity to be able to learn about such events. Science is important to our society because it helps students and society appreciate the world around us. If science was not offered to us how would we know about the universe and solar system, the technology society has today would not be as good. English is probably the subject that is most helpful in our "actual" required courses that college students have to take. People will always use English from writing resumes to writing referrals for past employees. There will always be a reason for taking an English class it can help yo! u carry on better conversations with customers or just in everyday conversation. If someday you might be a car salesman using the correct usage of language will help you make a sale. Economics is also a required class that college students will have to take. Economics is important to help a person understand how the American government budgets their money and how they make money. Economics also teaches a student to figure out taxes, which is probably one of the most frequently used formula that a person might use around April 15 of every year. All required classes have some importance in them. Whether I have mention what importance that each subject has it will be relevant in some form or fashion. Though required classes may be a bit expensive than what a student may pay just for their major courses, it will be worth having the knowledge in the future. By the time a college student is finished with everything they might need for their degree plan they will be smarter, well rounded, and will have a better understanding and knowledge of life. Students will acknowledge other things around them and hopefully appreciate what they have learned and help others to enjoy not only the studies they like but help them to appreciate other people studies.  

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