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Essay/Term paper: Rotten dot com

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Sociology Essays

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I have to say rotten dot com is not my type of website, but
it did catch my attention. Even if you are disturbed or not
attracted to something, you should give it a chance. You
never know what to expect especially when you see,
"Rotten dot com collects images and information from
many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant
experience" on the main page. The content of the site is
different than any other website that I have seen, but the
form and layout is very common among websites. Rotten
dot com actually reminds of a newspaper's layout. On the
main page there are several links, some on the left side, and
some going down the bottom of the page. These links can
be related to the subtitles of newspapers which lead you to
the inside story. Being that the website is easily viewed and
understandable, rotten dot com is a very well designed
website. All the links show what topics can be viewed.
Then after clicking on the specific link you want, a header
page is opened. For example, if you click on the link
"Celebrity Morgue", you will see a page with two skeletons
on it, and the title overlapping them. Below the title and
skeletons is a list of people who you can view dead bodies
of. Under the photos of the bodies, there are brief
descriptions of how each individual person died. Another
one of these links is called "famous." The famous link takes
you to a page similar to the Celebrity Morgue page, where
there are several sub links on the page. With these links
you can view rare photographs. Some of these photos
contain Richard Nixon meeting Elvis Presley, and a picture
of David Duchonovy almost nude, which appeared on the
cover of a European magazine. Another picture is of Nancy
Reagan sitting on Mr. T's lap, as he is dressed like Santa
Claus. As I previously stated, the form of this website is
extremely basic. It contains a lot of links to other pages,
which consist of a few odd and disturbing photos. Each
page contains a few cartoon pictures, which describe and
are related to that specific title of the page. A nice link to
click is the "mug shots" link. You can view and take a look
at famous actors', criminals', and professional athletes' mug
shots. Some mug shots that I think are good are Pee Wee
Herman because he got arrested for masturbating, Charles
Barkley because he broke a man's nose in a bar fight, and
Al Pacino as young hoodlum growing up in Brooklyn. After
viewing the page titled "Infants" which contain photos of
beastly babies", I really felt sick to my stomach. This page
must be one of the most disgusting that can be viewed
through rotten dot com. This page lets the viewer see a
baby that looks like an alien, a deformed infant, a baby
with an enormous size head, and a fetus with a pig like
appearance. Looking at these photos just made me cringe.
Personally, I can't believe people would put such pictures
on a page for the entire the world to see. I honestly hope
that those pictures aren't real, but it is sad knowing that
certain babies are born deformed, unhealthy, and with
diseases. An interesting page of modern times that I can
relate to is the O.J. Simpson page. I can relate to this
because this is one major trial that practically everyone in
the country had some kind of an idea what was going on.
Rotten dot com shows a few photographs of the murder of
Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. The most eye catching
of these pictures is one that appeared on the cover of a
London magazine. This photo was a close up of Nicole
Simpson's face covered with blood. Other photos on the
Simpson page contain Ron Goldman's corpse and three
other pictures of Nicole Simpson as she lays dead. Rotten
dot com has yet another sick page that caught my attention.
This one is called "Mayhem #3". There are five pictures on
this particular page. They are just five miscellaneous
pictures of dead bodies, of course. One photo is of a man
with his body twisted after being in a drunk driving car
accident. A strange one is a picture of a boy with his jaw
removed. His jaw was removed to punish his mother while
she was still alive, but then the mother was killed soon
after. Another really messed up picture is just of a man's
head and one of his hands. This man was murdered by his
brother and was then put into the tomb of his mother.
Overall, I think that this site is worth viewing. Even though I
disagree with several of the photographs that are displayed
through the web site, I believe it is essential to know that
the world and society aren't perfect. My personal opinion
on the form of the page is that it could've been more
complex. It was made so that anyone can access any part
of the website. I think it should've been more complex only
for the reason so kids couldn't have total access to view the
explicit content of the entire website. As for the content of
the page, some of it was disturbing and extremely

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