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Essay/Term paper: My vision of tomorrow

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Economics

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My Vision of Tomorrow

Tomorrow's world will be much different and also, much better in many
ways. We will have developed much better technology. We will have made huge
medical advancements. The general quality of life will be much better, and
living will also have become much easier. Still, nothing can ever be perfect,
and in a world of the future, we will experience many complex and unavoidable
problems such as depletion of resources, overpopulation, and the threat of
nuclear and biological warfare. The solutions to these dilemmas will not be
immediately apparent; but, we will have to overcome them. The future could hold
great opportunities for many people, but we will need to work at it.

In the future, technology will have advanced so much and so fast that
many new possibilities will arise. Most likely, we will enjoy interplanetary
space travel frequently in the future and we may even develop communities on
other planets, such as mars, or perhaps on the moon. Numerous scientists and
writers have already also predicted this. Life will also be made much, much
easier in the future for humans by robots, computers, and other automatons. Many
simple tasks done today by humans such as cooking, cleaning, and repairing
household items will be done by these machines much more quickly and efficiently
and with less pollution. Almost all of the current manual labor jobs,
especially in the United States, will become obsolete and robots will do all of
the work for us. The advantages of using robots and computers include no pay,
no time off, and no complaints or questions asked. Also, nearly every job in
the future will require extensive knowledge and skills of computers and anyone
without them will be completely lost.

At the pace that doctors and medical researchers have been moving at, in
the next few generations we will have developed treatments and/or cures for all
of the diseases that plague the world's people today. These diseases include;
AIDS, cancer, the common cold, Alzheimer's disease, and even the most exotic and
deadly diseases like Ebola. But, the practice of medicine will not be
eliminated because these diseases will be continually mutating. Things that
doctors cannot even comprehend today will become clear to us in the not so
distant future. Everyone will also be living longer due to the knowledge of
more remedies and of enhanced wellness.

People will also be much different in the future. They will become more
separate from each other (linked only by computer and telephone). They will
become even more materialistic and our society will move closer and closer to
complete capitalism. Rules and laws will also be much stricter and the kind of
crime that is commonly seen today will become rare in the future.

The days to come will not be without problems and stress though. To
overcome problems like waste disposal, depleted natural resources, world nuclear
and biological warfare, and global warming will be no easy task. Everyone around
the world will have to join together and help each other to solve problems that
will eventually effect all of us. One of the biggest problems that we will have
to deal with is the deterioration of the average family and its values. If the
human race cannot get out of the hole that is has dug, everyone in it will be
doomed to extinction.

So, to sum it up, the future can and will most likely be great, but to
achieve this greatness, humans will have to make some personal sacrifices and
they will have to face many hardships. For now, we can look forward to the
world of tomorrow; but, when it really comes, life, as everyone knows it, will
have drastically changed.


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