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Essay/Term paper: Rudolph christian karl diesel

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Economics

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Rudolph Christian Karl Diesel

Rudolph Diesel was born on March 18, 1858 in Paris. On September 4, 1870
Rudolph's family moved to England. In late November they decided it would be
better for Rudolph to continue his schooling in Germany so he moved there on his
own and stayed with a young professor. The problems Rudolph was trying to solve
were the noise, size and unreliability of the steam engine. he wanted to
create something that superheated ammonia gas could take the place of steam in a
steam engine. He wanted to enable much higher compression pressures to be used
than was able with conventional steam engines. In this way he could make
greater use of heat energy. Rudolph was 32 when he finally accomplished his
goal of creating the first ever Diesel Engine.
To create the Diesel engine which made Rudolph famous he had to take the
original steam engine and give it exhaust valves water cooling for the cylinder
head and barrel and a compressed air fuel-injection system to ensure that the
liquid fuel was forced into the combustion space with sufficient pressure to
overcome the air in the cylinder. This basic idea of how to go about creating
the engine was modified and improved many times before finally prefected in 1896.
To do this Rudolph had to have a great understanding of Thermodynamics. He had
to know basic principles of engines and how they work. Rudolph got help from
many people. Some of the people that helped him are Machine-fabric Augsburg,
Gasmotoren-Fabric Deutz and Mannesmann-Werke. It took them six years to finish
the Diesel Engine.
It was important because it gave a new and easier way of using engines. It
gave a way for large vehicles to transport goods safely. It is easier to make
than the steam engine. All we did was benefit from the invention. If Rudolph
had not invented the diesel engine my life would be quite different, for example
there would not big trucks for delivering mass amounts of goods. It would be
more complicated for stores and other companies to get goods. It also supplies
jobs for many people.


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