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Essay/Term paper: Who has seen the wind

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English

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Who Has Seen the Wind

In the novel, Who Has Seen the Wind, the theme "one's
understanding of God matures" is evident in Brian's life as the novel
develops. Brian's understanding of God matures as the novel
progresses. In the beginning, Brian's concept of God is immature.
Brian thinks God, who he calls R.W., is an imaginary friend. As
the novel continues, he is encouraged to think about God when he
talks to Saint Sammy. Finally, at the end of the novel, Digby
straightens out Brian's thinking of God.
In the beginning of the novel, Brian's understanding of God is
childlike and immature. Brian thinks God is an imaginary friend.
Brian has a very creative imagination, in which R.W. rides a
vacuum cleaner.1 He also thinks that there are many Gods, each
having many arms.2 When he talks to Forbsie about God he is
misled because Forsbie's tells Brian that God is all grapes and
bloody.3 Brian also goes and visits Mr. Hislop, the pastor of the
Presbyterian Church, who tells him God is a spirit. One day Brian
imagines that God comes and visits him. God tells Brian that he
will get revenge on Art and his grandmother because they were not
nice to him.4 Brian's knowledge of God is still young and
In the middle of the novel, Brian talks to Saint Sammy and is
encouraged to think about God.5 Saint Sammy is a religious man
who is familiar with God's Word. He relies on God to show him
the right way to deal with Bent Candy. Brian is in such awe of
Saint Sammy's knowledge and closeness to God that he then desires
to seek after God.6 The knowledge and closeness that Saint Sammy
has to God encourages Brian. Brian is spiritually uplifted by Saint
Sammy's encouragement.
Finally at the end of the novel, Digby helps resolve Brian's
thinking of God. Brian sometimes gets "a feeling" about God.7 This
"feeling" comes as a result of Brian's maturity. Digby encourages
him by telling him that he will understand better as he grows older
and matures more. Digby knows that Brian is young and learning.
He sees that Brian is confused about God.8 Digby also doesn't
understand God but, he is willing to help Brian out. Brain's
thinking of God is made clearer to him by Digby.
As the novel progress, Brian spiritually matures in that, his
understanding of God matures. At first Brain has an immature
thinking of God, in which he believed God was his imaginary
friend. In the middles of the novel, Saint Sammy encourages him to
learn more about God. Finally, at the end of the novel, Digby helps
clarify Brian's thinking of God, which allows him to seek God in a
new direction.

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