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Essay/Term paper: Why are amercain afraid of the dragon

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English

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J. Frechette
15th of Febuary 1997

Why Are American Afraid of Dragons?
by: Ursula K. Le Guin

While reading the article by Ursula K. Le Guin; Why Are Americans
Afraid Of Dragons, I couldn't stop myself from agreeing with her beliefs.
Everything seemed completely justifiable and correct upon finishing the article. I
then slowly started reflecting on some assertions she laid out in her text. I began
to realize how she had overlooked some essential factors. My deduction was that
she had made a great error in expressing her opinions making them appear as
facts. Her mistake was also in only showing her negative opinions of men and
their imagination.

Men or Americans have no fear of the dragon. Americans just don't have the time
for it. Men generally feel the obligation and the responsibility of taking care of
the family's financial needs. A good man is preoccupied with his wife, his
children, his work, his colleagues etc... So which form of entertainment should he
choose for his busy day?

I sincerly hate to be rude but Ursula K. Le Guin has to keep in mind that we live
in a mediatic world. Among the many different forms of media including books,
radio, theatre and television, writing is and has been proven to be the oldest and
the slowest. It is even considered sometimes the most boring form of home
entertainment. In only five hours, a telespectator can go through about four
stories while reading them would take on average four to six days. Because it
only takes a mere couple of hours to view a film on television, one is left with
more time to take care of greater responsibilities. Now, you decide which media
is more appropriate for your tight schedule.

It is true that the American population doesn't read enough, but they do use their
imagination. To say that Americans do not use their imagination would be saying
Americans don't dream. Dreams are proven to be the fruit of imagination simply
meaning that without imagination there is no dream. And without dreams what
would imagination be?

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