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Essay/Term paper: Chivalry??. . . . . . . . . today??

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Chivalry is usually known as a moral system or an honor code. It originated in the 12th century when kings ruled the country, as a code to make peace. Now there is no king or queen monarchy, now there"s that wonderful thing that we call the Government. If you were to ask me if chivalry existed today I"d have to say that there are some examples, but there sure aren"t as many as there used to be. Back in the time when King Arthur ruled a lot of the people were loyal to their king and their country. Now our wonderful crime, racism, and hate conquer all systems.

Some ways that you might be able to say that chivalry still is around is perhaps

clubs, such as, basketball teams or baseball teams. The teams as well as the fans have great loyalty to their team. The fans will wait outside for days to get tickets for the big game. People pay to see fights on Pay-Per-View. And if you ever go to a Hawks game I"ll guarantee you that their fans will "tell off" anyone that is saying anything bad about their beloved team!

Also another way that you would see chivalry today is in corporate businesses. For example, I work or 21st Century Telecom Inc. I do Technical Support. Anything that goes wrong with your Internet access or your e-mail devices, will be fixed by me. We are in a very corporate area, State and VanBuren, and when we have meetings about things that no one can tell the media, or other companies, such as mergers or special events. It seems that no one ever says anything negative. We are very dedicated to our job and sometimes you will catch one of our Administrators sleeping here over-night. Now if that isn"t dedication to your job, I don"t know what is!

Another way that you could find chivalry today would be all the Unions. Chicago Unions have plenty of hard working men and women in all sorts of trades. They are very loyal and proud (most of them!) of their work that they have done. Then you get the people that just want their paycheck. Those are the types that really don"t show much loyalty or contribute much to their job.

Some ways that you could say that there is not really chivalry in today"s society is the slowly disintegrating church. Not nearly as many people are becoming involved in the church now as in earlier centuries. If you look at the data there is a big decrease in Ministers, Priests, Nuns, and Deacons. I know this because my Dad is becoming ordained to be a Deacon in about a year. After he is done doing all of the steps, he will become a deacon in the Catholic Church. I think that some people don"t care, but also I think that they just have too many things to do, and are too busy for the church.

In my overall view of chivalry I would say that it depends how you define chivalry to say if it exists anymore. There are a lot of pros and a lot of cons, but it all depends on the person"s beliefs. I think that chivalry exists today, but it"s mostly up to the reader to define it as right or wrong. There is no right or wrong answer, it"s your opinion.


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