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Essay/Term paper: Saint fancis of assisi

Essay, term paper, research paper:  History

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Saint Fancis of Assisi Saint Francis was born in 1182, in

Assisi Italy. His real name is Giovanni Francesco

Bernardone, but his father wanted him to be called Francis.

He received very little education as a child, even though his

father was a rich merchant. His father, Pietro di Bernardone,

was a wealthy merchant, and his mother's name was Pica.

Francis always dreamed about riding through the town as a

hero. His father wanted Francis to learn about being a silk

merchant, but Francis wasn't interested. Later, the city he

lived in, Assissi, got into a battle with a neighboring city of

Perugia, and Francis fought in the battle. He bought fancy

horses, swords, and clothes to impress others. He was

captured and put in jail for 1 year, and during this time he

came down with a severe illness. After he was released from

prison he decided to change his life. Francis visited many

places, but lived in Assisi Italy. He had also lived in Mt.

Subasio in 1208. There, during mass, he heard a voice

saying to him three times to go out into the world and to

posses nothing and do good everywhere. He then went to

the Holy Land, but on his way his ship was wrecked so he

had to return back to Assisi. Then he went to Egypt were he

wanted to convert the Sultan but had no success. He again

tried to go to the Holy Land and this time succeeded. He

lived there until 1220. During this time 5 other Franciscan

brothers were martyred. Francis too was willing to die for

his faith, but was spared. He returned to Assisi. St. Francis

had many accomplishments in his life. He began his religious

life after he survived his illness. He lived as a Hermit, and

attracted followers. After that, he visited hospitals and gave

clothes to the ill. Sometimes he gave the homeless money

and food. One time when he was walking back from prison,

an old beggar came up to him. The beggar asked Francis for

a cloak. Francis thought for a while, he knew he had another

cloak at home, but then he wondered if the old man was

trying to trick him. Francis decided to give the man his cloak

and they traded cloaks. Francis said to the man that mine is

warmer than the one you have and I am not cold at all

Another act of kindness was when Francis was going to be a

knight. His father got the best craftsman in Assisi to make

him an outfit, such as armor, a cape, and weapons. Right

outside the city Francis saw an old knight who was standing

there half naked. Francis got off his horse and gave the old

knight all his new weapons and his red cape. One more

accomplishment Francis had was when he gathered 12

followers. Francis and his followers established an order

called the First Order. Then in 1212 he formed an order for

women called the Poor Clares. Also Francis established a

third order, in 1221, for lay men and women. This order was

called the Third Order. He preached necessity of a poor,

simple-life style based on the ideals of Gospels. St. Francis

was canonized in 1228 and his feast day is on October 4. In

1990, Pope John Paul II proclaimed him as the patron saint

of ecologists. The reasons why I picked this saint is because

I was curious what St. Francis did in his life. I also wanted to

know how he became was a saint and when his feast day

was. The thing that I found out that was most interesting

about St. Francis was that he was very determined at

everything he did in his life. He always went through with

everything he encountered in his life. I can imitate St. Francis

in my life by listening to God even when I am not sure that it

is the right thing to do. Also I can be caring to the people I

meet everyday in my life. He also taught me how important it

is to share what we have.  

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