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Essay/Term paper: Presidents

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Humanities

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With the United States economy in a state of

recession from the empty promises brought forth

by President George Bush, the country needed a

change for the better. President Bush"s policies

were not pulling through, and the American

people were expecting results. Re-election was

nearing for Bush and he really needed to get his

act together if he wanted another term in office.

Out of no where a former governor was leading

the polls over Republican candidate, President

George Bush. Clinton had focused a lot of his

efforts towards the younger generation of 18 to

25 years. Bush was also behind because his

programs created the present recession the nation

was experiencing. Clinton spoke of new job

opportunities and better wages, which appealed

to the younger generation, because they were

starting out in their lives and more jobs meant

more options. Many people felt as though they

were being betrayed by Bush, because of his

empty "No New Taxes" policy.

Another factor that swayed votes Clinton"s way,

was the change in ideas of the "Reagan

Democrats", who were registered Democrats

which voted Republican. These voters realized

that Bush was not following through with his

promises and they wanted results. Families were

being hurt because of unemployment and the

"Reagan Democrats" needed to provide for their


One major issue was the cultural conflict of

welfare. Americans were becoming lazy and did

not "need" jobs as long as they were on welfare.

Bush just let this issue go, while Clinton made a

plan stating that after two years of welfare,

everyone capable of working would have to

accept a job, or training for a job. This policy

attracted voters of the working and middle class

population. This policy also showed that the

Democratic Party is a party of workers and doers

as opposed to slackers. It says they will protect

the workers of America.

Because of all of these factors, Clinton has an

astonishing lead over his opposing mate. This

lead continues on and leads Clinton onto his

election and the re-election. Clinton is a very

well-liked president, as well as effective.

Employment was steadily on the rise, and the

inflation rate was lower than it had been in many


Clinton was able to negotiate foreign policy, he

was able to handle domestic affairs and he was

liked by the people. He also looked good on

camera which was another asset he had in his

favor. Bill Clinton"s approval rating was very

high and he was controlling the country with

dignity and competence.

The unthinkable then happened, he was caught

having an affair with a White House intern,

Monica Lewinski. This scandal plagued the

White House for many months. Clinton was even

put on trial, accused of perjury. He was later

acquitted of all charges. His approval rating was

and is a little shaky now because of the scandal,

but he handled the entire fiasco as best as anyone

in his position would have been able to handle it.

The Clinton Presidency, aside from moral

conflicts, has been a productive presidency

throughout the years. He has cut the Federal

Budget and Federal Spending, as well as reduced

the rate of inflation to staggering lows only

achieved in the days of old. Overall, William

Jefferson Clinton has been a president of the

people and he has tried to achieve goals he set in

the beginning of his presidency to improve these

United States.


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