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Essay/Term paper: Animals in the research lab

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Medicine

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Animals In The Research Lab

The use of living animals is an important way to solve a medical problem.
Researchers continually seek other models to understand the human organism,
study disease processes, and test new therapies. In seeking quicker and not so
expensive ways to look for biological information that can be applied to human
disease, scientists sometimes study simpler things such as bacteria, fruit flies
and a few other things. Researchers have spent many years learning how to
sustain cells, tissues and organs from animals and humans outside the body to
understand biological processes and develop new medical treatments. Computers
allow scientists to analyze vast amounts of data and test new ideas. But, in
the end, the results obtained must be verified in appropriate animal systems and,
possibly as the final step, in clinical trials using humans who will volunteer.

Before beginning a project, all research proposals involving animals
must be reviewed and approved by a committee comprised of scientists,
veterinarians, and private citizens.

Animal activist organizations believe that there are no moral reasons
for the use of animals in research. This has attempted to slow or halt the work
of scientists. Some activists groups intimidate or harass individual scientists,
conduct demonstrations, or sometimes commit acts of vandalism. There are a few
health professionals who support the activist movement but they truly stand
apart from the vast majority of physians and most Americans who readily accept
the fact that animal research is necessary to gain medical progress.

The use of living animals remains a very important way to solve medical
problems. Almost every medical achievement of the last century has depended
either directly or indirectly on RESEARCH WITH ANIMALS. The knowledge gained
from this research has extended human life and made it healthier.

In conclusion, I think that animals should be used in the lab because I
would rather risk the lives of a couple animals and not the lives of a couple
thousand people.


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