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Essay/Term paper: Bears beware

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Medicine

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In our world today many animals and plants are loosing their fight
against human intervention in their once well-balanced ecosystem. We are all
aware of the extinction of the dinosaurs and the dodo birds, however most people
do not realize that annually thousands of species of our flora and fauna are
now becoming extinct. This on going trend is increasingly threatening our
bio diversity and global ecology. To give a specific example of animal depletion
I will focus on Canadian bears. The following factors are responsible for
their decline. Hunting, loss of habitat, and just plain apathy on part of the
public to preserve the bio diversity of our land.
During 1994/95, a total
of 19,430 bear hunting licenses were issued to both residential and non-residential
people. There were 3,790 so-called legal bear kills in BC alone. It is estimated
that out of every one legally killed bear be it grizzly or black two are killed
illegally by poachers primarily just for their paws, head, gall bladder, and
reproductive organs. These body parts are considered by Orientals to increase
strength and rejuvenate male potency. Given these facts 11,190 bears were killed
last year. Biologist estimate that to keep the bear population at a balanced
figure only 4% should be allowed to be harvested annually. The current annual
harvest rate it is more like 8-12%. In my opinion this is really outrageous.
We are watching it in front of our eyes and little is being done to prevent
it. We have already witnessed the rhinos, African elephants and the Siberian
tiger go through the same process and now they are on the brink of extinction.
hunting and poaching are similar in the sense that they both result in the
slaughter of animals be it bears or any creature. Having depleted the animals
in their own countries, the rich flock here in the hundreds to go on big game
hunting expeditions and kill; anywhere from one to who knows how many bears.
I really don't understand what is going on with our government to allow this
to happen. Soon grizzlies will be deemed endangered and when this happens
the price for their head will skyrocket and encourage further poaching.
typical responses heard from hunters are:
"We are the top of the food chain";
"That's why they are here, to satisfy man", "it don't hurt their numbers",
"Its just a bear". Their ignorant attitude is very short sighted and self-indulgent.
In my opinion if we want these magnificent creatures to be here for us, our
children and their children we should not allow foreign game hunters to come
here and slaughter any animals. There should be imposed a greater penalty
for poachers. Fewer and much more expensive hunting licenses would help to
reduce the killing of the big game. There should be an increase in wildlife
While hunting is a major factor in the decrease of bears, loss
of habitat is even a greater issue. This is due primarily to the escalating
population and civilization's increasing encroachment. An example of this
is clear cut logging and the building of roads through these animals' habitats.
A parallel to this encroachment into wilderness is if someone were to go through
your house everyday. I personally couldn't cope with this.
Biologists keep
trying to figure the dynamics of depleting animal population only to discover
that the major factor is man. My reaction to this is that the more concerned
individuals must lobby the government to take a stand and say "enough" to logging
companies and land developers.
Why are people like this today? They see something
wrong happening and they don't react to it unless it directly involves them.
Well here is reality. The bears and other wildlife are following the footsteps
of the once countless bison that roamed the prairies. While the majority of
society are either unaware or don't care. At present, the fate of our wild
creatures lies in the hand of small organizations like 'Bear Watch' and 'Western
Wildlife Committee' who are trying to stop the destruction. They are putting
little dents into the hunting businesses and logging companies. But this is
not enough. Society waits until the last minute to react but its usually too
late. It is just plain apathy on the part of man today to preserve the bio
diversity of our land.

It is not bears per say that I particularly have
a passion to save. For the First Nations people the bear is a totem of strength,
endurance and perseverance. In my opinion it is time humanity in general emulate
their qualities. Each must overcome its apathy and take a stand wherever he
or she feels compelled to preserve our natural heritage. Be it bears, butterflies,
whales or whooping cranes, we should all be doing what we can. Whatever our
personal interests we should act in unison. Those with a passion to clean
up the environment should rally to stop the polluting practices of mining and
logging companies who are destroying our streams and ecosystems. Others can
focus on protecting the ozone layer or reducing acid rain. If all of us worked
together we would immensely contribute to the healing of the planet, preserve
the bio diversity and prevent the natural heritage of our unborn children of
the future trembling to be born. 

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