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Essay/Term paper: Corinthians

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Religion

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Corinthians, the seventh book of the New
Testament, was written by Paul to get across that Jesus is
alive (15:3-18) and that we will be resurrected (15:35-38),
among other things. Today there is no dispute that Paul is
the author of I Corinthians. "Both external and the internal
evidence for the Pauline authorship are so strong that those
who attempt to show the apostle was not the writer
succeed chiefly in proving their own incompetence as
critics."1 As internal evidence, Paul identifies himself as the
author in 1 Corinthians 1:1 and 16:21. External evidence of
Paul writing this letter is supported by people such as
Clement of Rome (c. 95-97) and Augustine (c. 400). The
letter was written to the people of Corinth. Corinth was a
strategically located Roman city on the main land route
between East and West and was the crossroads for several
sea routes. Corinth was famous for its intellectual and
material prosperity and was honored with being the capitol
of Ancaia. It also became famous for its corruption. Paul
began his ministry there on his second missionary journey.
He converted many influential people in Corinth, thus he
stayed for a year and a half. Most likely, Paul left Corinth in
the fall of AD 51. Paul returned to Corinth on his third trip
to Asia, c. fall, AD 52. Paul then wrote this letter from
Ephesus while on his third trip to Asia. Paul wrote the letter
several years after his initial departure from Corinth in the
fall of AD 51-52. The letter was written before the
beginning of the summer since Paul intended to leave
Ephesus after Pentecost. It was also written before winter
since Paul wanted to come to them and spend the winter.
Paul wrote the letter four or five years after his initial
departure from Corinth. Paul had many points that he
wanted to get across in I Corinthians. For instance, the
purpose of the letter was to address problems in the local
churches of Corinth. Also, to counter worldly wisdom with
Spiritual wisdom, and to answer questions that Corinthians
had brought to Paul. (7:1,25 8:1) Furthermore, he wanted
to deal with the several moral problems and the divisions
that had formed as people had divided into fan-clubs and
were proclaiming themselves followers of Paul, Apollo,
Peter or Christ. During this time the Corinthian church had
many problems. Most of these problems were the result of
pride and placing so much emphasis on social status. In
Corinth there was a lack of church discipline and an abuse
of the Christian liberty. Paul dealt with these problems one
by one, but the pinnacle of Paul"s argument is in chapter 13
where he emphasizes the importance of love. Love of
others is incompatible with pride and is to be the
fundamental principle that guides all actions. I Corinthians
points out to me what I should do, and not do to become a
good Christian. For instance, Paul lists many things that you
should not be in 6:9- 11. Paul also pointed out that Jesus in
fact did rise again, as he said he would, in 15:3-8. He
states that Jesus came to him, and this gives us evidence
that Jesus stayed true to the Scriptures. Furthermore, Paul
tells us in 15:35- 38 that we will be resurrected.
1Robertson and Plummer, I Corinthians (ICC), xvi.  

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