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Essay/Term paper: The big lie(about theism)

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Religion

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The Big Lie I have been going to church since I was three years old. I also attended Sunday school since I was three. Since then I have been confirmed as a member of the church and have actively participated in the senior high youth program at my church. All of these years I figured that I would "grow into god", well at least that is what my pastor said. I think of myself now, at seventeen years old, and I still have not "grown into god". I have many reasons why I chose atheism. First I think of church as a bunch of hogwash. When I take a step back to look at the church, here is what I see. I see a god that has not shown any proof for that last 2000 years (if even then), I also see a god that has left no evidence, except for the cross. Lets talk about the cross for a moment. Jesus was supposed to have carried this huge cross only to be nailed to it and hung among thieves. First off, if Jesus was this big threat to a king and supposed to be the Son of God would not one think that he would go out with a bigger ceremony. I do not think that the king would just hand him among thieves. Second, on the third day he was supposed to move this huge stone and "rise". What is rising anyway did he just magically lift into the air without making a sound and no one seeing him. Or was it more of a fade away into nothing, if that was so why did he move the stone? I see many similarities between the church and a cult. What is a cult? A cult as I see it is people who blindly dedicate time and money to a higher power in which they have never seen evidence of, same as the church. The main difference between a church and a cult as I see it is the church has history. Many cults can be self-destructive, hence the church is thought to be stronger. The people of the church also have this book they cling to, the bible. This bible was supposed to be written thousands of years ago and supposed to have actual quotes from Jesus himself. First how could a book last this long? People are currently all excited because of the ending of the millenium, not only has this book been around for one millennium but it has been around for two, supposedly. Think about this, this book has been around since before the fall of the Roman Empire. If a whole empire of people could not survive how could this book. Until 1436 they did not have printing presses, and it was not until 1456 that the first bible was printed. What are the chances that somebody, while reading in the bible, did not spill their wine on the book and ruin the whole thing? I do not think that someone would take the time to write all 1,502 pages over again because some drunk got careless and ruined the whole thing, not to mention the amount of time it would take considering that the bible was written by all different people. While there are my many reasons for thinking as I do, these are only a few. There are still many questions to be answered but I leave now, with my atheism and I hope I at least got your attention enough to make you look at your faith a little closer.  

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