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Essay/Term paper: Betrayed by god

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Religion

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Betrayed By God

To tell you the truth I have never really felt betrayed by God. It's
most likely due to the fact that I haven't had many significant life experiences
come up. Also when something goes wrong I don't look at God as a scapegoat. I
feel you should blame whoever or whatever caused the tragedy. Blaming God is
just the easy way out or just a quick answer to your problems. All this aside
and even though I've never felt betrayed, I know others who have.
I work at a deli in my town and it recently burnt down. If I were
the owner, I would have felt betrayed or denied. I mean, it's his life. It's
the way he supports his family. One day he woke up and it was gone. Even
worse is the time of year it happened, Christmas. This is the time when you
need every penny but the only thing he's getting now is lost-wages paid by his
insurance company. It doesn't even close to what he would be making if the deli
were still up and running. But it's better than nothing, I guess.
His business has been through a lot of hardships over the last 16 years.
Another difficulty was the building of the Blue Route near his business. The
construction blocked almost everyone from entering the building. I don't know
if you could blame God for that sort of problem or maybe it was just fate. But
with these dilemmas and problems, he didn't question why God allowed these
things to happen. He looked insstead to the way he benefited from the
One benefit was it made him stronger mentally aand spiritually. To keep
a business going for three years with minimal customers is hard. It takes
dedication and will to show up every morning and basically prepare for nothing,
but he did . He was much more grateful when people came in and developed a
better business. Perhaps God knew what He was doing.
Even the fire was a blessing in disguise. Some of the equipment was
getting old and things just weren't all in top condition. So now he will have
new equipment, walls, ceiling and so on. He wouldn't have had the pocket money
to do this alone. Now you might be thinking it was just an insurance scam, but
he had many inspectors come in and checked the cause . It was faulty wiring.
God might have seen that things weren't exactly great and things needed
to be done to help out in the future. The deli equipment might have not been
falling apart but in the future it could have and possible at an even worse
moment when money was even more scarce. So having a fire around now might have
been easier to deal with then say if his daughter was getting married and then
equipment broke. Money for a wedding is ten fold compared to the money for
Christmas. My boss didn't dispair when the fire took his business. He
trusted God. In a sense maybe everything did work out for the better becaause
he will have newer deli to better support himself and his family. .
Now I don't really know if any of this had anything to do with God but
if my boss looked to God to comfort, he probably got it. For some people God
is involved in everything and therefore people look to Him for help and guidance
and that's how they pull through things. I don't think you should blame your
problems on God. Instead think about them, look to God for strength and
possibly problems and disappointments will be easier to bear.

Peter Surrena - Period 2


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