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Essay/Term paper: Refutation to a bias suggestion

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Religion

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Refutation to a Bias Suggestion

"Some people suggest that the Bible, being a collection of texts written
long ago by persons much different from ourselves, does not have much (or any)
significance for modern people."
The suggestion that the Bible is invalid simply due to its authors and
era is absurd and bias. This statement is supported by God and all modern day
believers. Almost any Christian you confront with this statement would most
likely give you a blank stare. However, it is mainly non- Christians who would
make such a slanted view of the Bible.
I am an American. The authors of the Bible were not. Why should this
influence my opinion in the least amount? Simply because the texts of the Bible
are old does not void their validity. Although we may not share the same
nationality with the authors of the Bible, we do share common beliefs and faiths.
Taken from a different perspective, non-Christians do not share the same
beliefs, obviously, or they would not make such statements.
Another question one may ask themselves is exactly how different are the
authors of the Biblical texts from ourselves. Is it their lifestyle or career
that makes them so exotic in relation to us? Is it just because they spoke
another language? They are children of God, just as we are. Science today is
still discovering new evidence that proves the existence of a "mother of all
humanity." We all share a common gene pool, we are all descendants of Adam and
Since the beginning of recorded history, religion has had a profound
impact on the present society. Romans, Greeks, Hindus, and Catholics have all
molded their societies and laws around religion. As far as impact goes, look at
the Spanish Inquisition. It is difficult for one to refute that Catholicism had
little or no impact on the Aztecs of modern day Mexico. Even our laws today
reflect the ten commandments given to Moses by God himself. We are forbidden by
present day law in the United States of America to either steal or murder.
Religion has powerful influence concerning the outcome of a child. The
values and beliefs of religions are impressed upon youths. Some may be
different from others, but most parents bring up their children into the same
faith as themselves. Concerning the teachings of Christianity, the Bible is
probably the most commonly used tool. Therefore, children raised in Christian
homes will most likely be taught the values and teachings of the Bible,
influencing them dramatically. Christianity is the most commonly practiced
religion in America. The Bible has the most copies in circulation than any
other book in the world. As a summation, the Bible is abundant in availability,
is commonly used to teach Christianity (the most common religion in America) and
someone is trying to say that it is invalid?
Looking at this statement with as little religious zeal as possible, I
find it understandable for a non-Christian to think such thoughts. God gave us
free will. We have the power to decide the outcome of many opportunities and
possibilities. Therefore, one who decides not to accept God and Jesus might
very well think that believers are the fools.


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