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Essay/Term paper: Women in math

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Science

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Women In Math

Over the past 20 years the number of women in the fields of math, science and
engineering have grown at astronomical rate. The number of women which hold
positions in these fields has more than doubled. In post secondary education
women are filling up the lecture halls and labs where in the past where it was
rare to see a woman at all. If a woman was able withstand the pressure that was
put on her it was more than likely that she wouldn't even be hired.

Many organizations have been established to help young women to prosue carriers
in either math, science and engineering. A few examples of these organizations
are, AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics), WISE (Women In Sience and
Engineering), ASEM (Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics)
and many others.

Many young women do not prosue carriers in math for one or more key reasons.
One is that they have no female role models to look up to or any famous females
in that field to inspire them. Another is that they are often disgouraged by
others, usually family members, " Why don't you be like your mother and stay
home and raise the children." is a common line used. This is most likely
because the parents don't want to see their daughter go out and fall flat on her
face when she doesn't make it. There is little support from others if a woman
wants to go into these fields. Equal opportunities is also a large factor in
this, either as a decision maker wether to go into the field or not or cold hard
facts. Facts like 90 percent of engineering, math and science position are held
by men, this means that they don't hire very many women.

Another reason is that the maybe lacking the self-esteem within their self.
This could be because of the scary numbers that are related to women and math,
science and engineering positions. Or that they could be struggling in that
area. Another factor could be that they fear that hiring opportunities are very
sexist and male shovenistic.

Measures have been taken to help ensure that women have a equal if not better
chance to prosue a career in math, science or engineering. Special funds,
programs and organizations have been setup to ecourage and assists women to go
after the field they wish to work in. With these steps taken it helps to get
the ball rolling so that women can be pioneers and break into the math, science
and engineering fields and hopefully become role models or heros for future


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