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Essay/Term paper: Newly independant nation

Essay, term paper, research paper:  World History

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S.S. Period 4

A newly independent nation is seeking advice from other nations as it establishes

its domestic policies on a variety of issues. Some of the nations and policies are Japan and there

education system, Israel and womens right, and Englands health care system.

The first area in which the nation is seeking advise is in the area of education.

They are seeking advise from Japan. Japan puts much stress on its education. In Japan there are

240days/year of school at six days per week (Mon.-Sat.). This is part of the reason Japan has a

99% literecy rate. In Japan if a person wants to get a good job then they usually need to have a

college degree. The newly independent nation should not choose this system because it puts to

much stress and pressure on the students. For example to get into a good high school or college

you must pass a difficult exam. Many students who do not get into a good school often turn to

suicide, Japan is second in the world behind the U.S. in teen suicide. I would not choose this

because a good system of education is not worth teens killing themselves.

The second area in which the nation is seeking advice is in the area of womens rights.

They are seeking advice from Israel. In Israel women are given as equal rights as men are.

Women are allowed to have the samejobs, education, and also serve in the military under the

same conditions of men. The nation should choose this policy because women are as equal as

men and should have all the same oppurtunities. Plus during a war or crisis women would have

all the same military experience as men.

The third area of advise in which the nation is seeking advice is in the area of health care.

The nation is seeking advise from England. In England health care is covered by the NHS. The

NHS (National Health Service)is a form of care that has been in place since 1946. Under the

NHS all citizens are provided health care on demand. All expences are covered by general taxes

with tsmall fees on prescription drugs and Doctors are paid at a fixed per patient rate. The

nation should not choose this policy because allthough it provides adequate health care to

people and alows people of all money classes to go to the doctors it also costs alot of money.

In 1989 alone more than $42 billion was spent providing health care.

With a little help these other nations the new nation should have a bright future.


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