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Essay/Term paper: Hamlet: hamlet defeated by his own flaws

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Hamlet

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Hamlet: Hamlet Defeated By His Own Flaws

In William Shakespeare's well known tragic play, Hamlet, the main
character Hamlet is defeated by his own flaws. These flaws are the killing of
Polonius, the killing of Claudius, and most of all by Hamlet being misled by the
Ghost. The killing of Polonius is a major flaw of Hamlets because it got him
killed by Laertes. Also the killing of his uncle Claudius was tragic, since he
was his uncle and he made Hamlet very angry towards his mother. The last and
most noted flaw of Hamlet's was him being misled by the Ghost and engaging in
his plan of madness.

The first of Hamlets flaws is the killing of Polonius. The death of
Polonius was an accident that shouldn't have happened. Hamlet believed the
person behind the drapery was indeed Claudius. After Hamlet draws his rapier,
runs it through the drapes, and kills Polonius. He asks? "Is it the King?" He
then he is drawn into a heated conversation with his mother, Gertrude, over the
short wait after old king Hamlets death for her to remarry. He says "Almost as
bad, good mother, As kill a king, and marry his brother". The major effect of
his killing of, Polonius, was indeed his death. This ignited Laertes' revenge
on Hamlet which resulted in Hamlet's death.

Just as the killing of Polonious was a tragic flaw of Hamlets, so was
the killing of Claudius. This flaw of Hamlets which was to be the solo revenge
of Claudius brought upon the death of Gertrude, Polonius, and Laertes. The
madness in Hamlet was to be unleashed only on Claudius. Yet Hamlet's path of
destruction killed his mother, she was killed by the poison meant for Hamlet by
Claudius. Laertes death was brought on by the killing of Polonius. The duel
between Hamlet and Laertes, which was the arranged revenge on Hamlet, was the
final stand of each.

Although the killings Hamlet carried out were flaws he possessed,
another major flaw was his ignorance in following the Ghost. Hamlet was warned
not to follow the Ghost that there must be some evil in him, but he didn't
listen. Both Horatio and Marcellus forcefully try to hold back the prince, but
he will not be restrained. Hamlets following of the Ghost's instructions to gain
revenge on Claudius, corrupted his life. This plot of revenge started his
madness which led to the accidental killing of Polonius, the killing of himself
and Laertes, and also the death of his mother.

In William Shakespeare's tragic play, Hamlet, the flaws in Hamlets
decisions brought out the worst. These flaws resulted in the killing of four
close influential figures, Gertrude, Laertes, Polonius, and Claudius. This play
is a tragic play because the main character's life is taken for the satisfaction
of one he loved.


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